the baby brother can use a stove? [My day in food 4]

This post will be a little different then my past posts. Now this is a big secret, eating machine probably will even be shocked, but I actually can cook more then I let on- don’t tell my mom (Note from Big Sister-yes, you can make oven toast and milkshakes.  You should write a cookbook). Now I am for sure not any great chef, but I actually can cook food, most people don’t think I can make anything other then McDonalds, so this post is about food I actually cooked!

Well to start I got some of my awesome Newman’s Own Organics food they sent me to snack on while I made dinner. I had the Honey Wheat pretzels. They were alright but nothing special.


For my dinner I made chicken. Just a bones chicken breast with Montreal chicken seasoning (I dunno what it is but it said chicken seasoning on it) Big Sister says:  it’s from Costco.  Everything Mommy and Daddy buy is from Costco.


then to go with that I had some potatoes. (these are the best things ever!) I also added some Montreal chicken seasoning to them and cooked them in olive oil.


Now look at this, the baby brother cooked a whole freakin meal, not only that it was edible and I ate it. Not to mention it even tasted good. Oh yeah I also made some green beans to go with it.


Note from Big Sister-um, Baby Brother, is that a wine glass in the corner?

Now back to my Newman’s Own Organics, I had some of their chocolate chip cookies for dessert [right after dinner it’s dessert. Then I eat more later and it’s bed dinner]


these things were AMAZING. They tasted sooo good and I am 100% sure that being organic they are good for you.  Big Sister says:  yup!  That’s what organic means!

Now I’ve got my eye set on this pie I impulsively accidentally bought last night.


Marion berry pie was the number one selling pie at Shari’s restaurant in October, and it is my favorite pie they make, but my all time favorite pie is the Blackberry pie that my dad makes.

So see, I do eat!  Real Food!  And I’m in college.  When did you start cooking?


7 responses to “the baby brother can use a stove? [My day in food 4]

  1. Great cooking! I started cooking maybe…5-6 years ago??

  2. I havent opened my chocolate chip but from your review, looks like thats what im gonna have for dessert tonight!

    when I first start cooking for real? probably when i moved in with my boyf…

  3. WOW check baby bro out! great job =)

  4. can you fedex those potatoes for me? thanks.

  5. That’s a balanced meal! I had no interest in cooking until maybe 4 years ago or so. Mom cooked and I liked it that way!

  6. That looks like a nice well-rounded plate. The next step is to use more than one type of seasoning for all the dishes in a meal :p

    I’m snooty because I started cooking when I was, like, 8. Because Mom didn’t. Occassionally she boiled some broccoli and stuck it in melted Velveeta, but that’s about it. By middle school it was up to me to feed the little bros. Of course, I didn’t cook anything /interesting/ until after college…I remember a lot of ramen and oatmeal.

  7. I started cooking and baking a bit as a kid, and then it increased as I got older!

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