Sick-face and me

The fiance is sick.

Or cleverly trying to get away with making me do the unpacking.  I’m not convinced either way.

I made him dinner last night while he read blogs

(he reads sports blogs and econ blogs.  Food ones mystify him.  “Do you know that person?”  “No, do you know Krugman?”  “No but I also couldn’t tell you what his kids look like.” )


Pasta with sausage and red sauce


Plus salad

(True story btw:  I’m not sure where our cutting boards are. But right now there are none in the kitchen.  Try making meals that don’t require cutting.  It’s fun)

And this morning I got him some tea and some oats.


Plus oats for me that were far better. Because mine had chocolate.


And I took the terrifying vitamin again (After the first time, swallowing isn’t so bad.  Yup, that is what she said)


I put out get well things for the man


And now I’m going to try and go kick his butt out of bed so I can go to work.

Question of the day:  chocolate in oatmeal-yes or no?  My fiance is mysteriously anti-chocolate in oats.  I think he’s crazy.

17 responses to “Sick-face and me

  1. i have not tried the choc in oatmeal so i have no answer for your there.

    i think he’s just trying to get out of packing 😉

  2. 100% yes.
    chocolate goes in pretty much anything.

  3. i hope he feels better!

    Yes to chocolate in oats. I love how it gets all melty…

  4. YES! I like to sprinkle Toll House Milk Chocolate Chips or Hershey’s Syrup (not at the same time) =)

  5. Chocolate in oats. Chocolate in yogurt. Hmm, where else can we stick chocolate?

  6. I’m afraid of chocolate on oats. How lame of me.

    When I can’t find cutting boards, I awkwardly chop on tupperware lids. Pretty sure that’s not a great idea.

  7. You DO know me. And not in the Biblical sense.

  8. Chocolate in oatmeal — delish!

  9. chocolate in oats- heck yes!

    You are so sophisticated by using cutting boards. I just hack away hoping I don’t cut up the countertops or my fingers.

  10. I submit that chocolate is good in nearly ever scenario!

    Poor hubby. Hope he gets better.

  11. Sorry, I’m one of the naysayers. Chocolate has much too strong a flavor to blend with oats–if I put in chocolate chips I can’t taste any of the other goodies in there. Peanut butter is already pushing it.

  12. Chocolate absolutely goes in oatmeal – it goes in granola bars … and they are pretty close to the same thing in my opinion.

  13. Aw. Sorry he’s sick. 😦 Good job with the care goods. Don’t forget G2 gatorade for hydration! BTW taking a multivitamin changed my energy level! It’s worth it!

  14. pasta + oatmeal all in one post = happy PB Bliss 😀
    sorry hes sick – hope he feels better soon.

  15. Ew. No chocolate in oats…why taint a good thing?
    Hope fiance isn’t feigning sick, though if he is I hope he feels better soon! >.<

  16. TOTALLY YES on chocolate in oats!
    And AHHHH that vitamin is SCARY!

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