Guess what we have?!


Ahhhh so happy.

Since I had my unexpected sub day, dinner was quick and easy


rotisserie chicken, microwave veggies, instant potatoes


and salad

Lazy?  Yes.

I’m ok with that.

The fiance went and got some of the stuff from our fridge/freezer while I got stuff ready for subbing today.


The fridge will stay this empty forever right?  It won’t ever get full or messy.

Breakfast today

Coffee.  Full of sugar free creamer that I’m quite sure is all natural and has no chemicals

DSCN4479Oh and I opened a new bottle of vitamins… Look at this thing!

DSCN4482It was too big!  (that is what she said) and it made me gag (she said that too!)

And cherrios with bananas

DSCN4486In honor of day two of subbing:

Share a memory of a substitute from when you were in elementary school. (or the terrible things you did to subs!)

I once had a sub who decided she should sing out our names, and we’d sing them back to be excused for recess.  She said my name wrong and would not resing it.  I had to sing “colin” back to her to be excused.


13 responses to “Fridge!

  1. Your fridge is beautiful! The worst thing we ever did to a sub was plan to throw our books down right after lunch. We got in so much trouble! Good luck subbing!

  2. Yes, you have a fridge. And it’s a beauty!

  3. i cant remember that far back…as far as im concerned I was an angel back then and never ever did anything bad to a sub. lol.

    FINALLY a fridge. it’s pretty.

  4. Yay for your new fridge. It’s spectacular. That is the biggest vitamin I have ever seen. Wow!

  5. YAY! Your fridge is so pretty!

    AND HA @ “It was too big! (that is what she said) and it made me gag (she said that too!)” Classic lol

  6. Congrats on the fridge, it’s beautiful!
    TWSS made me laugh!!!

  7. Congrats! We got a new fridge last year that is infinitely better than our old one. Isn’t new toys like that fun to get?

  8. I have no substitute stories…maybe I’ve blocked them out?

    I hate my stainless steel appliances. I totally would have talked you out of that one. Of course, you don’t have two sticky handed toddlers grabbing it all day long. TWSS. Booyah!

  9. My class got a sub fired once. We were singing little bunny foo-foo, and to be funny when we got to the middle part he sang, “Down came the forest fairy, and HE said…” I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but one of the nasty boys in our class ran straight to the principal’s office at recess. When I came back from skipping rope there was someone else in the classroom and we were told the substitute was a bad influence and wouldn’t be teaching in the district again.

    I will never, ever be a teacher. I can’t censor myself thoroughly enough.

  10. Hmmm….a lot of the subs throughout my school years were my friend’s moms…I think we were all too scared to try anything for fear it would get back to our parents!

    Speaking of scared, your vitamin intimidates me…

  11. Look at that marvey new fridge!!

  12. LOL – strange sub singing names 🙂 Hehe! Lovely fridge!

    I remember walking into the classroom and seeing a sub, and thinking, ahhhhh “day off.”

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