It’s getting there…

It’s been a lonnnnng day.

We got up and went to Lowe’s and Costco with the parents (who are fantastic and an amazing help!  I’m a lucky girl!  Plus, they got us a fireplace today!).  Then we came home and my daddy and the fiance got to work on some roof repairs, while my mommy and I tackled the yard.

Remember how I showed you the yard the other day?

Here’s what it looks like today

DSCN4463And, um, here’s what’s been trimmed/pulled so far

DSCN4464(Those are all at least two or three feet tall).  My mom trimmed a ton of our trees while I was wrestling the weeds.

So the yard’s looking better, and I’m pretty sure I got a good workout too.  Win-win.

And we’ve got pretty much everything moved in!  Now it’s just putting it all away…

We’re still fridgeless (delivered tomorrow!  So excited!) so we hit up the co-op for some lunch

1102091410-00Coconut curry soup (yum!), crackers,  and ginger ale Zevia.  Not a bad lunch at all…

And I’m thinking about digging into the newest addition to the fruit bowl, courtesy of my parents…

DSCN4465And then collapse into bed…. after we get it put back together!


10 responses to “It’s getting there…

  1. Pomegranites! I still havent had one this season. Not even a pom chobani

  2. Wow! You worked your butt off!

  3. Is your Mom busy next Monday? I have a huge juniper bush just waiting to be pulled out of my front yard 🙂
    When you get settled, let’s have big-head margaritas. Then, when I get settled, you can come to the East side and I’ll find something equally as cool for us to imbibe.

  4. Holy criminy, you all have been so busy!!! Don’t leave me out of your margarita party or I will drop a cranky toddler on yo ass.

  5. the yard is looking great!!!

  6. Mmm, I have a pom sitting on my counter – but I fear it has gone soft.

  7. Wow, you’ve definitely done some good work.
    I still have not had my first pom of this season. Dang.

  8. Nothing like a good bowl of soup. Yay for the fridge coming home!

  9. Geez. That is alot of yard work. One time I pulled out ONE rose bush and I was pooped. Good job! The house is gonna turn out REALL NICEE (borat voice)

  10. WOW you guys did a great job! The yard looks really good

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