Fall Back…

Know what changing the clocks means?  I wake up at 5:45 with the new time, and the fiance feels justified to sleep till foreverrrr.  awesome.

We were pretty dead from moving last night, so our Halloween was pretty low key.

Candy for Trick-or-Treaters


We only got a couple.  Which means I have a lot of candy to eat.  Uh-oh!

We got takeout, because we’re still fridgeless


Pad Thai, and spring rolls.  We split an order of Pad Thai, because as fun as leftovers are, fridgeless leftovers would probably have a side of food poisoning.

And a pumpkin beer for halloween!



We’ve been eating pretty crappy (apparently moving + no fridge = no the best meals.  Who knew?) so I got tonnns of fruit this morning

DSCN4458Bananas, apples, and CRACK ORANGES!  I’m so excited that I found them!  (Satsuma Mandarins, technically.  But they’re basically pure crack)

My mommy and daddy are coming today to help us get moved/fix up things (Because really, I have no clue how to caulk something, and I am NOT climbing on the roof to put a couple shingles on), and hopefully buy us a fridge

Oh!  Want to see how we’re terrible and our neighbors are going to hate us?

So, we don’t have a lot of furniture yet.  So last night, the trick or treaters had this view of our kitchen/living room


What’s that on the counter?


Hard liquor.  Lots of hard liquor.

And I know at least one of the trick or treaters lives across the street.  They’re totally impressed with their new neighbors.




10 responses to “Fall Back…

  1. The liquor needs to go somewhere! Where better than the kitchen counter so it’s right at your disposal?

  2. Haha, at least you got to meet the neighbors, right 🙂

  3. haha i love your crack oranges 🙂

  4. I agree with Jessica. If you leave out the foods you eat/drink most, they are at the top of your mind. I say place them near the fruit.

  5. Sounds like a great halloween to me and great first impression ha

  6. at least they know where the fun house is!

  7. Your house looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  8. Haha, you scared off the neighbors that you wouldn’t like anyway 😉 Your house looks awesome!! Congrats on the new place, and successfully moving. Packed a bunch today. I’m pooped and I feel like I hardly got anything done. Packing kitchens and knicknacks goes slowly I guess…

  9. first of all I LOVE pad thai. Seeing it laying on your plate made me drool. I know how it feels to eat unhealthy (you’ll see on my blog tomorrow) so I got tons of fruit today as well! Also I’m loving your hardwood floors! BTW are you losing weight for your upcoming wedding or something? (sorry new to blog, lots of qs)

  10. Fridgeless house = possible McD’s outing. Eeek. Hope you get some furniture soon. Your home looks beautiful. Love the floors!

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