My day in food 3 [by baby brother]


Things the baby brother loves: Food, Politics, Ice Cream.  AND HIS BIG SISTER

I work at Baskin Robbins (Note from Big Sister-gosh, who got you such a great job?), it’s a lot of fun. We love the customers and are always nice, polite and don’t talk bad about them when they cant hear. Sometimes during the summer the customers forget to wear clothes, we feel bad and being the loving caring people we are, like to give them a subtle reminder. We don’t want them to not realize they aren’t wearing clothes and go all over town like that, wouldn’t you want a friendly reminder as well?


Note from Big Sister-the Baskin Robbins is right by a public pool.  Which makes people think they can bring their dripping unclothed selves in.  And sit on our chairs.  Kinda gross.

Now, I may live on fast food, and there is a chance that when I got my apartment I called eating machine to ask how to turn on my stove. (turns out the knob on the front turns it on)  Note from Big Sister-he totally did.  And then was confused about how you tell when it’s hot. but despite this, I CAN decorate cakes- Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes to be specific.

This year (as with every year) I made my own birthday cake (isn’t that sad).  i made it all wedding cake style.  it was world class chocolate and reeses ice cream with a little bit of chocolate cake in there.  SO GOOD.


i think cakes covered in chocolate look better… so when i can i cover in choc.

i also think that cakes decorated with chocolate look good. i always put tonnns and tonnns of chocolate stuff on my cakes, even though i think chocolate stuff is nasty.


and I can do cute too!



now lets be honest, NO ONE can not love a cake with a whale on it.

i also love making this cake (celebration cake), because it looks cool and i get to leave a TON of frosting tips for other people to clean.


some people at the BR aren’t so good with cakes though… the following is a cake that my coworker a girl at work we all HATE created completely ruined. and im serious, this is NOT just a cake i stole from cake wrecks (i dont think they would put something this bad up on cake wrecks anyway)


that would be a $50 cake. and she managed to slide it off the board halfway? and this is not the only one they did like that. and her excuse “im a perfectionist when i do cakes” haha. dont think so.

also just to reinforce what eating machine said last week about having the BEST mommy ever, I came home one afternoon to this:


Question of the day: What is the BEST type of cake?

Eating Machine says:  if we’re talking Baskin Robbins Pralines and Cream Fudgenut!  Or Gold Medal Ribbon.


P.S. Starting with my next post I will be including something on a different Newman’s Own Organics product that I have tried.   -Just got a HUGE box of stuff from them. It all looks soooo good!


11 responses to “My day in food 3 [by baby brother]

  1. Best type of cake = chocolate

  2. Wow I am loving these cakes! I am not really a fan of cake to eat myself, but I’d have to go with devils food. 🙂

  3. Your brother is so cute!
    Best cake is red velvet. LOVE IT

  4. Your brother is too funny. Whale cakes are awesome.

  5. Carrot cake is by far my favorite. And never skimp on the cream cheese frosting

  6. This is super cuteee! The cakes look yumiesss!

  7. When is he going to get his own blog already?!? I love his guest posts and WOW great job on those cakes!

    I heart Strawberry Shortcake

  8. Little Brother: I would like to place an order for a the biggest, multiple tiered, uber chocolately cake of all time. Could you please send it to Ottawa, Canada, by the end of the month? I’ll need it for my birthday. I might die from eating it, but what a way to go. Thanks!!

    After looking at blog posts full of squash, carrots, soups and homemade bread, this was exactly what I needed to see. Oh yum.

  9. My fave type of cake is a cheesecake, or carrot cake.

  10. haha, love the BR sign AND your shirt, although it should say I ❤ PNW.

  11. I don’t really like to eat cake, but I love to look at them! I especially love looking at that wedge with the whale–it’s adorable but doesn’t have tons of stuff that make it a pain to eat (I really, really hate elaborate concoctions with fondant, sugar statues, etc. etc.)

    If fudgey brownies don’t count as “cake,” then my favorite would have to be fruitcake. Fruitcakes get a bad rap, but my Singaporean relatives send my mom a high-quality fruitcake every Christmas that’s nutty, soft-chewy, indulgently sticky and my absolute favorite holiday-related treat of the year.

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