Clearly, we’re moved in

Happy Halloween!

We are staring to look like we live in the new house!  Only problem is that we have no fridge, so it’s making meals a little funky.

Last night we had some soup


Chicken, brown rice, ‘banzos, peas, corn, carrots, and peppers.  Yum!

Plus some of the sourdough


The fiancé tried a bite, forgetting it was sourdough, and got confused.  It’s got a bit of sour to it-the longer the rise the better of a sourdough flavor, and this baby had a long rise

(sourdough post coming up soon, I promise)

We worked and worked and worked.

My closet is now sorted by color.  And sleeve length.  OCD?  Maybe. But it makes me happy.


Around 9 I realized I’d eaten my hummus plate, half a PB and J, a bowl of soup, and half a slice of bread all day…. (I’d wager I normally eat twice that) and I was HUNGRY

We clearly picked the healthiest option possible

DSCN4445Cheesy bread.  I haven’t had this since college.

I know it’s healthy, because it comes with butter sauce to dip it in. Papa John’s wouldn’t encourage me to dip something in butter if it was already full of fat.  So it’s health food!

The lack of a fridge meant our breakfast choices were hot cereal (made with water) or toast.  We picked hot cereal

DSCN4446Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain.  Love this stuff.  Agave on top.

We got cable set up.  So we now have this

DSCN4451Clearly, we’re done moving now.

I mean, what more can you need besides college football?

We’ll just ignore that the rest of the house looks like this




9 responses to “Clearly, we’re moved in

  1. I don’t even remember the last time I had cheesy bread. Cheesy whole wheat bread? I think I’m getting a desire to invent that

  2. You are doing much better at moving in than I did. I think I am still unpacking and we have been here for a year already! I agree that the bread must be healthy. There is no reason to dip it in butter otherwise.

  3. I coordinate my closet, too. That is – when the clothes aren’t all over the floor.

  4. My closet is organized the same way 🙂

    I always used to eat those cheesy sticks after running stadiums in college- and I’d even ask for extra butter. I’ve come a long, long way.

  5. Wow – an organized closet!!!??? What’s that??

  6. you and i must be long lost twins, because you and i must be the only people who organize our closets like that. honestly i spend hours making sure they are neatly arranged by length, then color.

    yes, all that’s needed in life is NCAAF and NFL.

  7. ahh cheesy bread is the BEST 🙂
    woah I love how organized your closet is.

  8. “I know it’s healthy, because it comes with butter sauce to dip it in. Papa John’s wouldn’t encourage me to dip something in butter if it was already full of fat. So it’s health food!”

    This just made me fall in love with you even more. I totally agree!!

  9. dude. I have my closet organized by colors too. I should post a pic. haha.

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