First Night

I don’t know if I said it before, but thanks everyone for your congrats on our new house.  It’s crazy that we’re homeowners… I don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet.

So far my favorite thing about the new house?  The heat Seriously, I want to have babies with central heat.  We had baseboard heating at our apartment, and it’s a pain to try and, you know, not set the house on fire with that (was their a point in college were I did manage to burn a bunch of things on the baseboard?  There’s a chance.  But the pillow with scorch marks is gone, so we’ll never know…)

We did dinner at our old place before we left to spend the night at the new place (lack of fridge at the new house…)



And salad


Nothing fancy, but it was delicious.

When we got to our house I had some fanciness


I mean, first night in your first house, it calls for good wine, right?  We had this wine tasting once and it’s good.  There’s one Fred Meyer in Portland that sells it (and I think maybe one other place), but we happen to live right by the only one that does!

Plus flourless chocolate cake from Baker & Spice

DSCN4388So good-it’s a cute little mini one.  And only 3.50, so I’m pretty sure I can have one every day and not feel bad about it.

I think they’re going to be directly responsible for any weight I gain in the next six months.  I’m ok with that.

We curled up in the bed on the floor (because right now there aren’t any chairs or couches!) and watched half of the The Devil Wears Prada (The fiance foolishly let me pick the movie 🙂 )

And then I was up.  All.  Freaking.  Night.  with crazy allergies.  They were bad all day yesterday, and once I’m laying down I just can’t breathe.

Which means I have some sexy sexy dark circles under my eyes.

I almost took a picture.  Then I realized it’s probably better for my ego to not take pictures of myself when I look like death.  Just imagine what I’d look like if I’d been punched in booth eyes.  Yeah, that dark and puffy.

I’m watching little blogger baby again today-for those of you who asked, her family isn’t a vegetarian, but her mama is feeding her all sorts of wonderful things.  Her daddy actually won’t eat tofu.

Needless to say, a lack of sleep and a busy baby means I needed some caffeine.  Know what I really love that I’m pretty sure is all chemicals?  Gas station lattes.


One of those, plus hummus and toast.  Pretty sure that’s a good balance.  Hummus, whole grains, and chemicals.  Yum!

Oh, and I will get up some outside pics of the house soon-Diana asked me about it, and I realized I haven’t really put any up!

For now, I need help on something…. Our house has three living rooms.  One is upstairs, by the kitchen, so we’re calling it the living room.  One seems to be a TV/media room, so we’ve been calling it the media room…. But the last one, we have no clue what to call it!  It’s on the lower level (with the media room, the laundry, a bathroom, and Jesus’s room), has the door to the carport, and is where the stairs are…. Currently all it holds is bookshelves, I’m thinking my sewing machine may find a home there too. Any suggestions?  Right now its “…that room… you know, the one downstairs.  Not the media room” which long run isn’t going to work.

Any ideas?


11 responses to “First Night

  1. congrats again!!! so fun 🙂

    hmmm…we always had the “living room” which was the kind of fancier room that no one ever went in 🙂

    the “den” which is where we always watched tv on couches.

    we never really had a media room…maybe that “other room…not the media room” could be like the hobby room: sewing, reading, keep your movies, etc there?

  2. three living rooms?!?! I am a little jealous lol okay a lot jealous

    is it near the entrance? maybe the den

  3. Congrats, again. Oh heat, how I miss thee! I like it like an oven, and colleges in N.E. are most certainly not like that.
    And that flourless chocolate cake would be my kryptonite

  4. if you dont already have a room assigned, maybe it can be an office kinda room? you can keep the computer there with the books and stuff. since it’s downstairs away from high traffic areas…

    im excited to see pics of the new house. sorry bout the allergies. hope you’re not gonna get allergic to your new house.

  5. How ’bout Kalin’s Room – and you can put up a no boys allowed sign on the door.

  6. Hello – I lurk around here, congrats on the house and I’d vote for the den as well. Also.

  7. Maybe a library and craft room? I do like Andrea’s idea — it could be the girls’ only room.

  8. Oh honey you crack me up with the making babies comment. Srsly. Funny chit.

  9. I want to go to baker &spice…anyways The “other” room can be the “if you do not listen to what I say, I’m going to lock you in there till you are quiet” know…when you have kids.

  10. 3 living rooms!!! How big is this house!???

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