Who am I?

I’ve been working on getting moved all day.

(Plus, a YEAR ago someone stole my idenity and made a phone account-which they used to call someone at the state pen with.  Sexy.  And somehow Qwest enjoys sucking a life and I guess never told the collection agencies that yeah, I don’t have a secret felon of a boyfriend, that wasn’t me.  So I spent some time on that.  Fun.  Only not.)

And a little after noon I realized I hadn’t eaten.  Like, at all.

Who AM I?  I’m not a forgetting to eat type of lady.  So, I walked over to Baker & Spice and picked up a flatbread

DSCN4360Is that a terrible picture?  Sure.  But it was 12:30 and I hadn’t eaten.  It’s amazing there’s any picture at all.

It had cheese and pinenuts pesto and sun dried tomatoes.  Love.

Revived, I made some progress!

Got one of the book shelves over, and started putting away books


(I thought about showing Jesus how we have bibles so that he’ll know we’re friends before I put them up.  But I think showing books to a picture on your wall might be a sign of crazy)

Starting to sort out my clothes


And look!  A bed!


Now, before you’re all “dude, a matress on the floor.  awesome” I gotta point something out.  I’m moving stuff by myself.  I’m using my car (a super hawt mercury sable).  That’s not an air mattress or anything.

Now that bed is pretty awesome, right?

(Ikea mattresses are not super sturdy, so they can kinda fold.  I managed to wrestle it into the car.  Our bed had two mattresses, princess and the pea style, so now we can stay either place)

I also marked the house as ours

DSCN4356(Dear listing agent:  if you don’t get this soon, it’s mine for life.  I will hide it and not share.)

After the feat of strength I had a cookie

DSCN4370Pistachio shortbread from Baker & Spice.  They have a couple flavors (today there was plain, chocolate, or pistachio I think), and they’re not gigantic, and only 50 cents.  I really hate when I want something sweet and all the cookies are ginormous and three dollars.  Cause I’ll still buy one, and then I’ll need to get my three dollars worth, so I’ll eat the whole thing.  All I really need is a baby sized cookie I can buy with the coins rolling around the bottom of my purse.

I think I can handle one more load today (that is what she said, I know), so time for more packing!


12 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Hahaha, I want a mattress on the floor so bad. Then I won’t have to worry about putting all my dogs on the bed. Plus it’ll save us the hassle of buying a bed frame. You know, you really are the devil showing all this dang food, never mind that it is a food blog lol.

  2. If my matress was on my floor… where would all the food under it go?

  3. Pistachio shortbread sounds delicious!!

    You better show Jesus ya’ll’s Bible- you don’t want to be smoted or anything.

  4. Or maybe it’s smited? Yea, I think it’s smited.

  5. so the fiance has to work while you move in with jesus? not fair! at least it’s not a far drive.

    your flatbread looks SOOOOO good. i wish we had a real bakery nearby. i dont count safeway as a bakery.

  6. omg genesis’ comment cracked me up “move in with Jesus” hahahaha

    that flat bread looks amazing

    so when is your first blog party at the new house?????

  7. Hahahah I’m watching Office re-runs, so ‘that’s what she said’ was already in my head.

  8. Looks like you had a great day- productive and great food! I wish I did that with my sign. I never figured out what happened to it.

  9. Damn girl, that bed IS an accomplishment! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! LOL! 🙂

  10. If the fiance comes home and starts asking questions about the frame-less mattress, tell him you plan on decorating the room in Japanese style and it’s in keeping with the culture.

  11. Hahahaha, mattresses on the floor = super cool. I think you should go get the Jesus poster and show him your bibles, just to make sure he knows 😉

  12. Haha, I totally get it…the pains of being a food blogger is having the patience to stop and take a good pic when you’re super hangry!
    What’s wrong with mattress on the floor? That’s how the KOreans do it! Wait, we don’t even have a mattress, lol.

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