Eating on the run

One thing I’ve learned in my 13 (that is over half my life!  wow.) years of babysitting and nannying is that when you’re watching a child you better eat when you can.

You wait, and then the baby manages to have a diaper explosion, or won’t nap, or who knows what else.

So today I’ve had lots of little things to eat.

Baby sized wrap with cheese, hummus, lettuce, and avocadoDSCN4334(that’s a salad plate…the tortilla was litttttle)

Followed up with a hummus plate


Why do I not eat this more?  Seriously.  So good.

Baby of course ate too.

She had her yogurt + blueberry applesauce + oats


And tofu and mushrooms.  Yes, she’s not a year old, and eats things my 26 year old fiance won’t touch.


At one point she was gleefully shoving all the tofu she could get her hands on into her mouth.  Good lord.

I had my second lunch/afternoon snack


Squash with rice, ‘banzos, peas, carrots, corn, and maters.  I mixed it up with some Trader Joe’s yellow curry sauce.  Tasty! A nice bit of spice.

After baby napped, we went on a walk and I found this at the store.

DSCN4337Cougar mountain pumpkin cookie

Tasted mostly like a gingersnap, but super tasty.

I love these cookies mostly for the name.  In my head “cougar mountain” is a mountain full of perimenopausal women wearing mini skirts and hitting up college bars

(Cougar Town, the TV show, on the other hand, in my head is a town that’s been overtaken by REAL cougars.  Which would have been a WAY better show)

And…. in a few hours we should be getting our keys!  Not 100% sure, so cross your fingers.   Yay for being homeowners (Boo for having to start moving)


13 responses to “Eating on the run

  1. That baby has seriously awesome taste buds. You should make her maple mustard tofu

  2. haha i couldn’t agree more with you!!

    oh man your veggie plate looks so good and healthy!

  3. I agree that Cougar Town should be about cougar cougars. Like the bear city from Saturday Night Live.

    Crossing my fingers for you! Very exciting 🙂

  4. I’d leave a comment, but I caught a second to eat…

  5. I heart the picture you painted with Cougar Mountain. That squash dish looks flippin amazing!

  6. Yummy eats today – especially that squash!!

    It the baby on a vegetarian diet, or just well rounded in the food department?

  7. Great, healthy looking veggie plate

  8. congrats on being homeowners sooo soon!!

    thats crazy that the baby likes tofu!! I guess you are never too young to start incorporating a wide variety of foods!

    have a great night 🙂

  9. That stuffed squash and pumpkin cookie sounds so yum! Oh, and I definitely should try that hummus plate too 🙂

    I ate tofu as a kid, but no ‘shrooms for me, even though I’m in my 20s!

  10. The stuffed squash looks soooo good.

  11. i love the hummus plate! I need to do that more often, too.

    congrats on getting the keys!!! so exciting 🙂

  12. Mmmm that hummus plate looks delicious!

  13. I want that cookie. NOW.

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