Not my favorite

Things in my day that aren’t my favorite:




(why yes, almost everything is packed in reusable shopping bags.  Yes, that means I own way too many.  But seriously, if you’re not moving too far, these are great)

Comparison shopping for refrigerators.

Picture 1

Do you realize how many shoes I could buy with this sort of money?  Or cookies?  I could buy tons of shoes while eating tons of cookies.  And the fiance keeps saying things about “energy star” and “rebate” instead of focusing on color, and what can most effectively hold veggies and ice cream.  Someone doesn’t have the right priorities.



If you’re me, for at least half the year breathing through your nose is totally overrated.

Student loans


See how there are Xs where there should be numbers?  That’d be my account number.  Apparently it’s a big secret.  You need those to consolidate your loans.  Know what else you need them for?  Calling the 800 number to figure out your account number.  See how that doesn’t work?

Thankfully I do have some good things too

Lunch was full of favorites


Brown rice, tomatoes, squash olives, mushrooms, roasted garlic, spinach.  What’s not to love?

And this made me super happy today!


What is that?

Sourdough starter!  I kinda neglected my old one when it got too hot to bake, so I started this baby up last week, and even my sad congested nose can tell it’s sour!  There’s bread in my future…

And really, the things that aren’t my favorite I can deal with if I get fresh bread…


9 responses to “Not my favorite

  1. haha, love the shoe & refrigerator comparison. did you new house not come with appliances? thats a bummer if it didnt?

    Have you ever heard of the Friendship Bread starter?

  2. I hated packing too. I swore we would never move again after packing 3 times in 3 years! I love the thought of fresh bread. It would make me happy too!

  3. I think unpacking is worse, so enjoy the good times while they last, hehe

  4. I hate all of those things, too. I’d like to be right there with ya, wear lots of shoes and eat lots of cookies….if that makes sense.

  5. How do you start the sour dough – do you need to let milk go sour … cuz I’d be afraid to do that!!

  6. If anything makes moving and student loans bearable, it’s fresh bread!! My husband gave away my amish friendship bread starter on accident a while back and I still haven’t gotten one back 😦 I need to find out how to do my own!!

  7. I love that you use reusable bags for packing! Lunch looks really good =)

  8. Getting ahold of student loan companies can be an exercise in futility. It must be tackled with fresh bread.

  9. lol. I think I’d rather get a fridge than shoes, but that’s me. But, I also would be caring more about the color and space storage than the rebate and stuff like that!

    Can’t wait for your fresh bread!

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