Chilly Weather

The best thing about fall is the change in dinners… Soup, roast, chili… So good

I denied my fiance his lil smokies last night, but made a dinner he loves just as much.


Mmm chili.  Makes your tummy happy.

I rock it old school and use dried beans.  Then I’m all new wave and sub in ground turkey for the ground beef.

Because I’m healthy like that?  No.  Because ground turkey is cheaper and the smell of ground beef cooking is kinda gross.  I only use beef when I’m craving it (I assume that means I need it.  Just like how when I crave diet coke, it’s because my body NEEDS it.)


Plus cornbread.  With agave this time, which was a first.  Totally worked, and added some nice moisture to the bread.  The fiance adores cornbread.  I’ve seen him and baby brother eat an entire pan.

This, btw, is what it looks like when you let a boy set the table for dinner

DSCN4294The fiance likes colors.

Had some of the wonderful mail pie for dessert

DSCN4295And we chopped up this baby for snacks all week



It’s pouring down rain this morning.  Pouring as in I opened the black door a crack and now the rug is SOAKED.

Clearly, this weather called for oats.


Oats, flax, pumpkin butter, walnuts.  Amazing.

Now I need to go see what trash I can find to watch on demand bake to put off packing start packing for our move.  Ugh.

Do you like rain?  This is my third year in Portland and I’m just barely at the point where it doesn’t make me want to hurt myself.  Can you tell I grew up in a desert?


12 responses to “Chilly Weather

  1. Can you believe how stormy it is? I love it. It’s so cozy and fallish. I offered to make Daddy chili for dinner last night because he said it felt like fall, but then he said, “Chili is not fall-like!” What?! Thanks for being with me on this one.

  2. Mmm I could really go for some cornbread with my chili, too.

  3. im thinking we’re gonna have chili for dinner tonight too…

    i hate rain! well i hate the rain here in PNW because it’s always COLD rain, and you risk getting hypothermia if you go and play in it. It’s not like the wonderful warm rain in hawaii, you just welcome the feel of rain.

  4. I would love to try agave in a corn bread. Great idea 🙂

  5. Yums your din din looks so comforting and yummy. I only like the rain when I am enjoying a lazy day =)

  6. i don’t LOVE rain, but I don’t hate it. I’m okay with it since we need it, but it doesn’t rain too much here.

  7. I absolutely LOVE rain! I love the sounds, the smell, and everything about it.

    I am making some pumpkin butter tonight! I can’t wait to try it!

  8. Dude. This morning I woke up with chili and cornbread on the brain. Now I want it even more!

    And I hate rain with a fiery burning passion. I’d live in a desert if I could.

  9. I hate the rain, I just like light and fluffy snow

  10. I only like the rain when accompanied by thunder storms!

    Ohhh, that cornbread looks so good. Recipe?

  11. Chili is so delicious! My grandpa has this recipe that involves pineapple and it’s amazing.

  12. I’m drooling at your cornbread+chili combo. Can’t wait for it to get supa (yes that’s a word) cold here so I can make some.

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