[My day in food 2] by the baby brother


Well yesterday I was productive as usual.  Got up at 7 slept until almost 3, went for a morning jog laid in bed for half an hour, and had healthy balanced meals went and got Starbucks and fried chicken at 4.

Last year I lived in Portland for a while, and not wanting to cook, I lived (or almost died) primarily off McDonalds and Safeway fried chicken!  (Note from big sister:  he really did.  And it made him turn an even more pasty shade of white than he normally is) Seriously I don’t think much anything is better then Safeway fried chicken, and TWO giant chicken breasts for only $5 it’s a steal.  And of course I had to have my Starbucks mocha (*money saving hint!* if you get a Starbucks gold card you get 10% off everything! Then you have an excuse to go there more often because it’s like you are saving money every time you go!)


To wash all my chicken down I had some amazing vitamin water. I would say I am about 97% sure that Jesus himself makes this stuff, no other way it could be so amazing.


(Note from big sister:  Jesus makes WINE baby brother.  Which I drink far more than vitamin water.  Who’s closer to God now?)

Technically I also had breakfast from Sharis [at about midnight].  Hash browns, eggs, bacon, and pancakes.  I might get this a lot.  I also might go to Sharis almost every night.


on my weekend of good decisions last week I found a magic scale outside a healthfood-vitamin-nutrition-weightloss store [im sure it was one of those things, I don’t remember] but the point being, it told me my ideal weight, which is only 4 pounds more then my current weight.


(Note from Big Sister:  Baby brother since when are you anywhere over 140 pounds?  Did you put rocks in your pockets?!)

and coming next week on my day in food: cakes by the baby brother [yeah, I can decorate some mad cakes]



6 responses to “[My day in food 2] by the baby brother

  1. HAHAHA I love when your brother does guest posts! he is too funny =)

  2. I can’t wait to see these alleged cakes 🙂

  3. Baby brother is a beast! I love the restraint he shows in his food choices. More baby brother please!

  4. You guys are a great comic duo. Love it. 🙂

  5. Haha, I love baby brother – so funny!!

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