Best. Mommy. Ever.

I’ve kinda got the best mommy ever.  Now, I used “My mom is the best mom” as an example of a fact when teaching my 3rd graders about the difference between fact and opinion last year (which, awesomely, finally made it all click because they got the “oh.  you like your mom the best, and I like mine the best.  And neither of us is wrong.  An opinion is where you can think something different and no be wrong)

I didn’t want to break it to the kids, but my mommy is better.

I mean, she sent me this


Cookies, more cookies, candy, cookie cutters, a punching witch pen(!?),  a bear, and the Costco coupons (those are KEY in life).

Come on, did your mommy send you pumpkin AND candy corn flavored kisses?


I didn’t think so.

My mommy was well known for her care packages when I was in college-two of my friends got packages from her before they got any from their own parents!

I may have hid the box so the fiance didn’t see all the goodies were also to him.  There’s a chance.

After spoiling our dinner with sugar being adults and not eating candy before a meal we made dinner

Burrito (ground beef, beans, olives, onions, avocado)




No cookies were consumed after dinner.  Or any pie.  Gosh no.

I’m super tired today probably because I had candy for breakfast and I have no idea why.

Made a sorta random grab stuff out and throw it in a pot style lunch…


Couscous with some sorta lentil curry thing on top


Why is curry so good?

Why don’t I make it more?

I need to go shower and then I’m getting the fiance so we can close on our house!

Oh, and further proof that my mommy is great:

I told baby brother it was raining so hard that I was going to need an ark.  I just got an email from my mom saying “Braden said it’s Noah raining.  A word of advice:  when you load the ark DON’T take any woodpeckers”

Thanks mommy 🙂


10 responses to “Best. Mommy. Ever.

  1. What an awesome mom! My mom cleaned my entire house while I was at the doctor, which in my book is almost as good as candy!

  2. it is TRUE. our mom is the BEST no questions asked. the other day she went to olive garden for lunch (without me!), i sent her a text asking for spaghetti and she comes home with olive garden to go for me!

  3. Ha your mom rocks!!!!!!

  4. Your mom’s awesome. I wish my roomies mom would send me a care pack lol

  5. Did you like the candy corn kisses? What a cute package!

  6. Your teaching a lesson story is TOO PRESH!
    And yeah true, cause um actually MY mom is actually the best.
    But actually, I may send her this post to be like “Hey ma, better watch it. I’d like a care package!” (I’m still in college!)

  7. Wow – you mom totally rocks!! I want a care package!!!

  8. lol. Yes, your mom is SO sweet and good, but I have to still say I like my own mom. 😉 But still, what a GREAT and thoughtful package!! Awwww~

  9. I LOVE care packages!!! I always had caucasian best friends growing up and their moms would send me one too since they knew my asian parents only sent me “your low As are not high As” disapproval letters.

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