The fiance’s mommy lives in a house with a crazy view


Yeah, not too shabby.


On our last full day in California, the fiance’s sister and her boyfriend came up to Ukiah too.  They had some key priorities while there.

Mainly, wine and bocce.

Clearly, these are priorities I can get behind.

We went to Hopland, which is a little tiny town south of Ukiah… They have a population of 800.  And like a dozen tasting rooms.  My kind of town.

We did a couple, then hit up the Graziano tasting room.

DSCN4113Um, see those bottles on the counter?  Yeah, we might have tasted all of them.  Plus a few more, cause the whites are in the fridge. And, you know, tasted at least 8 or so before we went there.

DSCN4115I don’t get prettier as I drink.

I forced a Lara Bar on the fiance, and ate… Nothing.  Whoops.

We hit up one more tasting room and then went to the main attraction….

Bocce fields at Brutocao!

DSCN4118Brutocao has a tasting room, store, restaurant, and of course the bocce.  The basic idea with the bocce is that you taste some wines, buy a bottle you like, and then have some drinks while you play.

DSCN4124We, clearly, missed the buy *a* bottle… Although one of those was given to us for free!  Score.

(This lead to me drexting Mama Pea who I’m sure loved it.  Right?)

Bocce is really fun

DSCN4116Especially with lots of wine

DSCN4125The boys got silly

DSCN4119Us girls may have been feeling just as silly, but it didn’t show quite as much

DSCN4120And the fiance got… affectionate?

DSCN4131But all too soon, it was back to the airport, eating garlic fries to cure the hangover

DSCN4137Seriously, a fun trip.

And you know, not JUST because of the booze.


8 responses to “Priorities

  1. How lucky can you get with a house with a view like that

  2. That is an amazing view. I’ve only been wine tasting once. I ended up drunk in about 15 minutes and bought some wierd almond champagne that I *swore* was amazing. Note to self- Don’t buy wine 5 tasting glasses in.

  3. AMAZING views!!! That bocce setup beats the heck out of my parent’s backyard. Especially with the whole free bottle of wine part 🙂

  4. Wow what an amazing view!

    I can see myself sipping a latte and just enjoying the view =)

  5. you’re pretty talented to be drexting. after i few drinks i can barely even look at my phone straight, much less text 🙂

  6. I think I might even enjoy croquet (which I HATE) if we played the Bocce version!

    You guys know how to enjoy a vacay!!!

  7. your trip looks like so much fun 🙂 love the drexting. and i love bocce ball!

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