Guess what I got today…

The FedEx truck just brought me this box


Do you see what that says?



I won the Blogger Secret Ingredient over at Dawn’s blog a few weeks ago, and she sent me a pie as my prize!  How great is that?!  She told me that Julian Pies are a big hit in San Diego…. I may have already had a fingerful of it-yum!

(And it’s dutch apple!  I love pies with crumbly toppins!)

Thanks for the great treat Dawn!

Besides the pie excitement… I roasted some peppers last night

DSCN4145God those make the house smell good.

Some of the roasted peppers made their way into our dinner last night…

DSCN4148Where?  Hiding in the couscous!

DSCN4150I pureed a few of them with the water that I used to make the couscous (plus tomatoes and chicken stock).  Yum.  I may or may not have been eating that couscous all day today.

And today some of those peppers found their way into hummus

DSCN4165(Did I dip the pickle in hummus?  There’s a chance…)

Last night we also made/decorated some halloween cookies

DSCN4156That would be a ghost.  The fiance clearly has some mad cookie decorating skills

DSCN4161He did this one too though… I think it looks cute!

Most of our cookies

DSCN4157The green one on the top row?  That’s a squash.  I ate it shorty thereafter because it was squash, so it was good for me.

Decorating cookies seriously makes me happy.  I make halloween ones every year I think…


14 responses to “Guess what I got today…

  1. I love your cookies! Very cute!

  2. you jumped on the cookie bandwagon 🙂 i think our household is due for another cookie disaster 🙂

    im pretty sure the squash was totally healthy 🙂

    i have a love hate with apple pie. sometimes they are so good and sometimes they are just absolutely disgusting…

  3. omg I want pie mailed to me! Like right now =)

    or I could go for cookies =)

  4. You guys are way too cute with your cookies! My favorite is the spiderweb!

  5. such cute coookies! I bet they taste pretty good too 🙂

    flying pie!! yum looks great!

  6. I think if I received a package with “pies” stamped on it, I would do a happy dance to end all happy dances. In front of the fed ex delivery person/my neighors. I’m not even joking.

  7. Your making me look bad over here. We haven’t decorated jack.

  8. And I meant “you’re.” Nice English.

  9. I love the cookies! I can’t wait to make and decorate some this year 🙂 My students will love them!

  10. Contemplating mailing myself a pie. 😉

  11. Yaaaay! I’m so glad you got it! 🙂 Ok I’m glad you like the crumbly toppings…so do I! Hope it tastes yummy after a few days of travel!!

  12. She sent you A WHOLE PIE?!! Wow!!! How super amazing!! Congrats on winning the BSI!

  13. lol, suuuuper cute cookies! i cant wait to do some decorating of my own for halloween goodies

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