California, take 2

So, after we left San Francisco, we had a two hour drive down the 101 to get to the fiance’s Mommy.

I’d never had In-N-Out, so the fiance said it was important I try it.

The place was PACKED

DSCN4097So many people

DSCN4101Then, when we got our food, I promptly spilled it.  All over the floor.  Gold stars for me.

Here was take 2 of our lunch

DSCN4098(The fiance’s burger had miraculously survived the crash, so it was already en route to his tummy)

I know there’s a lot of hype with In-N-Out, but I hadn’t known anyone who was too terribly obsessed, which was good.  I hate going to places that are so built up and then going “oh.  it’s a burger.  ok…..”

Seriously, you find me fast food that can live up to the hype around it.  I dare you.

We stopped in Santa Rosa on what was possibly the most important mission EVER.





DSCN4106In Washington and Oregon (aka the only states I’ve lived in) you can only buy liquor at state run stores.  And, seeing as how the state doesn’t run Costco, we’d never actually seen Kirkland Signature vodka in the flesh.

We bought it.  It’s probably the second best thing I’ve ever found at Costco.  Number 1 being fries with gravy sold at the food court in Canada.  (Fries with gravy = mouthgasm.)

We got up to Ukiah and found Pumpkinfest.  Which had basically the entire population of Ukiah at it.  (Seriously. Ukiah isn’t a big town).

There was pumpkin smashing

Giant pumpkins

And most importantly, a killer beer and wine garden.  For 25 bucks it was all the beer and wine you could drink.  And it was some good wine.

I was too busy drinking to get good pictures.  Whoops.  Here’s the only one I took

DSCN4108I know, I’ve got skill.  Or not.  But it was great!  I guess some of the brewerys were selling drugs too.  Which seems to be the norm there?  (Wikipedia lists marijuana as a major crop in the area?!)

The fiance’s mom knows pretty much everyone in Ukiah I think, so we spent lots of time meeting lots and lots of people…. And got three bottles of wine from one of the vineyards as an engagement gift!

I like making new friends.  Especially ones who can get me drunk.

We had a super super yummy dinner that nigh at a place called North State, in downtown Ukiah.  I had pasta with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and chicken

1017091949-00(cell phone pic!  what what!)

Then we ran to Safeway, and the novelty of booze in a grocery store still hadn’t worn off

DSCN4110YOU CAN SAVE WITH YOUR CLUB CARD ON VODKA!  Seriously, where was this in college?

And then we watched Away We Go.  Which, btw, starts out graphic enough to where you feel REALLY awkward watching it with your future mother in law.  Awesome.

Final installment tomorrow!


11 responses to “California, take 2

  1. I love new friends who like to help get me drunk too 🙂

  2. We are the same in PA, we can’t buy booze in any other stores. Whenever we go out of state we always try to load up on it from Costco and Sam’s. Is that illegal? lol.

  3. I’ve never had In-N-Out before either. I think a fresh burger from the grill is the way to go

  4. I have never had an In and Out burger, we don’t have that restaurant in Canada!

    Also, you can definitely NOT buy alcohol in any of our Costco stores! Lucky you!

    The fries with gravy at Costco is pretty much the best thing ever! Have you had the poutine? The pizza? Mmm mmm! Do people in the US not eat gravy on fries??

    You can get gravy with your fries at probably every single restaurant in Canada, fast food or not.

  5. Suddenly those texts make a lot of sense.

    Does In N Out have a veggie burger? Just curious.

  6. I have never tried In and Out burgers but I heard that they are amazing!

  7. hehehe I spill my food too!

  8. I grew up in southern California, and I have to say: the hype is mostly hype. There is widely reputed to be hype, but you never encounter it directly. People go crazy for the food’s popularity, but not the actual food itself. It’s just a hamburger. On boring white bread. And their milkshakes taste like syrup straight from the bottle.

  9. Vodka at Costco? Who knew!

    Yeah, fast food chains suck. Period. Except Wendy’s spicy chicken filet. It rocks my world. About 3 times per year. Heaven.


  10. Heyyyyyy! You were in my hood. Hope you liked Northern CA!

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