Not like that…

You know how people love to blog about “how to stay healthy when you’re traveling”?

Here’s how my trip started




Yeah, I’m not like that.

(I did share the nachos with the fiance, which I’m fairly sure makes them healthy.)

Plus better plane snacks

DSCN4072And Real Simple.  It’s kinda my favorite.

Unpictured are the fiance’s sour patch kids.  I only stole the red ones, which again I’m sure makes them healthy.

We flew Horizon, which means free drinks on board (seriously!  A microbrew or a glass of wine.  Pretty fab).

But they had Vernors and that actually beats our alcohol in my book.  (If you’re keeping track, things I would rather drink than booze:  ginger ale and…. ok, just ginger ale.  And I like to add booze to it.)

We got in to Sacramento, got our rental, and drove to San Francisco. The fiance’s sister just bought her condo, and it’s fantastic-two beds, two baths, the building just got renovated. We went to her boyfriend’s bar (he’s the manager and a huge whiskey expert)

(That’s not him-google image because i didn’t feel like trying to get a decent picture of a dark bar).  Nihon is know for their whiskey-they have a TON of it, and some of the bottles are a couple grand.   At prices like that I’d better be drunk for a month.  But we tried some whiskey and then he made us some mixed drinks.

On Friday the fiance and I went to be tourists at the Wharf


Touristas.  That’s us.

We found the Ghradelli store, where they give you samples.


There might be three stores.  All by each other.  And I might have figured out that each one gives you a sample AND each sample is a different flavor.  There’s a chance.

We found bread


Lots of bread


Which we had for lunch



I ate half the sandwich, an unpictured salad, and shared the soup.  The fiance ate the breadbowl and asked if he could buy a loaf of bread.  I don’t feed him white flour.  He goes a little nuts when he gets it…

We spent way too long staring at these

DSCN4081Far more entertaining than it should be.

We had to wait for my bro, who was in Stanford for a business trip, so we found a bar that said it had 85 beers.


Ahh 7 dollar pints.

We also went to H&M.  Sometimes, I get sad I don’t live by an H&M. Then I realize my bank account would be more empty if I did.  So, you know, for the best…

Friday night we went out to dinner, and met up with my friend Emily for some drinks, but I was too busy to get any pictures.  It was more about the people than the food or the drinks anyways…

And Saturday morning we headed north

DSCN4091(The rest of the trip is still to come….gotta go get ready for sub orientation!)


10 responses to “Not like that…

  1. Yay, looks like you guys had fun! I love the pic of you guys at the wharf and omg all that bread….YUM!!! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

  2. Hey girl! I don’t blog much about being healthy! 🙂

  3. You don’t have to be healthy all the time…as long as you are having fun!
    I love San Fran and am so jealous, it looks like you are having a blast! If you get back to the Ghirardelli store, get an ice cream sundae. Their hot fudge is amazing!

  4. peanutbutterfingers

    LOL too funny! My last vacation kicked off w/ an egg McMuffin, so I feel ya!

  5. It’s called vacation for a reason!

    Your whole ginger ale bit had me choking on my vodka….er…green smoothie.

    Have a good day at school!

  6. Your fiance sounds just like my mom with white bread. i can only imagine what they have at home now that I’m not there to disapprove of it

  7. i never make an attempt to eat healthy while on vacay. it’s called vacay for a reason…getting away from it all 🙂

    horizon serves free alcoholic beverages? really?

  8. LOL funny post! I am like you – on holidays I eat whatever the heck I want!

    I am convinced that calories don’t count on the following occasions:
    – Vacations
    – The entire Christmas season
    – After too much too drink


  9. these vacations are often the best 🙂

    hope you have a safe trip home!

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