Almost home!

We’re at the airport, waiting to board our plane.  The fiance is drinking beer and watching football.  Which is, you know, new and different for him.

We’ll be back tonight, and I’ll get a recap up tomorrow…. We had a great trip!

and…. contest winners!!!!

For Thanksgiving I am going to….


Middle of nowhere Kansas.  Should be interesting.

Stef got the answer right, but I’m throwing out honorable mentions to Genesis and Evan.  Genesis guessed Oklahoma, which is where we’re flying in to, so she’s kinda right… And Evan has a weird sixth sense of places my future in laws live, to the point where it’s a little crazy.  I’ll be emailing you kids to get you prizes

My google reader is terrifying right now…. I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on!


7 responses to “Almost home!

  1. Have a safe flight home =)

  2. woohoo i was kinda right!!!!!!

    we’re not in kansas anymore toto!

  3. My grandpa’s from Kansas. Maybe we’re related 🙂

  4. Be safe! Welcome back home!

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