San Francisco!

Hey y’all!

I’m alive, and having a great trip (although my feet got worn out yesterday!

The fiance’s sister lives two blocks from Alamo Square…. which, if you’re me is “The part where the intro to full house was filmed”

Don’t worry, when we saw the trolleys on the hills I also said “These were in the Princess Diaries!”

I’m not a helper.

The fiance’s sister just got her condo a few months back, so this was the fiance’s first time seeing it too.  It’s gorgeous!

I didn’t bring my computer, so you’re just getting a few cell phone pics today… Full recap will come probably on Tuesday.

But I have a few things to show you!

We did the Wharf yesterday, and I found bread!

1016091150-01I actually also found one of my older brothers there!  He had been doing work down in Palo Alto (for Stanford), and was on his way out of town.  It was fun to see him!

The kitchen in this condo is gorgeous.  I want it.


And the fiance’s sister keeps a giant bowl of figs laying around.  Which means oats with figs for me!


We’re going up north to see the fiance’s mom today, and wine tasting tomorrow!

Don’t forget to enter the contest-so far no one has got it!  I added a hint to help

I’m glad you guys liked hearing from baby brother-he just turned 20 if you were trying to figure out his age.  And we have unless who still have his metabolism in their late 40s.  So baby brother just may be eating like that for years.

And, baby brother’s 2260 calories?  Those were his LUNCH.  That doesn’t include dinner, snacks, and Shari’s.

Oh!  And right before I left, I found out that I made the sub list (thank God!)-that was one of the 8 million interviews I’ve had lately.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!  There are some more posts coming up!


4 responses to “San Francisco!

  1. Anyone who keeps a plethora of fresh figs is a winner in my book

  2. When I was in San Fran a few years ago all I could think about was Full House, Princess Diaries, and Mrs. Doubtfire!

  3. Bread and figs and wine? Sounds like a good vacation. 🙂 And congrats on making it onto the sub list!

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