A few of my favorite things…

I hope you’re having a good weekend!  Today we’re driving up to Mendocino County where the fiance’s mom lives!  If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to try and guess where I’m going for thanksgiving!

I love a lot of foods.  Sometimes, when I’m trying to find something to snack on, I look sad, and explain to my fiance “I just want to eat all the food!  I don’t want to choose!”

But there are some foods I love that I’ve realized I almost never eat… Here are a few, and why.

Butter Chicken.

Holy crap do I love this stuff.  But the problem is mostly I just love the sauce. On white rice.  What’s in the sauce?  Spices, tomatoes, a ton of butter, and lots of heavy cream.  Delicious death.  Death I could eat my weight in.


I adore black olives.  Love love love them.  But the fiance hates them, and I always feel like I waste half the can.


My problem here is that I only love them the way my parents make them.  They cook them with tons of yummy herbs and spices and they’re magically delicious.  I’ve had them made by other people and they suck.  Plus, they seem like a lot of work to make and, again, the fiance won’t eat them.


I grew up with raspberry bushes in my backyard. We’d get told to go eat some all the time, so that they wouldn’t get wasted.  (And my mom made killer pies with them).  But, apparently when you don’t have a raspberry bush they are crazy expensive.  I had no idea how good I had it as a child.  No idea.  And it bugs me like crazy to have to pay so much, so I don’t.

Reduced fat, Sour Cream and Onion Pringles

It has to be reduced fat, and it has to be sour cream.  I love these things.  But, how I eat Pringles is not cost effective.  See, I’m not a huge fan of the chips.  Don’t like ’em.  But I adore that powdery flavoring on them.  For some reason, I swear the reduced fat has more of it. So, when I buy them I will seriously lick the flavoring off, and throw away the chips.  This is problematic as I feel like I’m wasting, plus people judge when you lick chips and throw them away.  To avoid the wasting and judging, these don’t get purchased.

So, there you have some of my loves that I never get… What do you love to eat, but avoid buying?


10 responses to “A few of my favorite things…

  1. I love to eat chips, but I rarely buy them – only for parties.

  2. Oh yeah – I totally lick my chips too. When I am camping, I lick off the flavouring and throw the chip in the fire. My friends think it is ridiculous!

  3. I love raspberries and other berries, but out of season an not on sale it’s like tossing money out the window. Same with figs, soooo good otherwise

  4. LOVE raspberries!!! Now I’m craving them…and they’re not in season.

  5. mmmm olives are one of my favs too 😀

  6. I love BBQ Chips and Ice cream mixed together yuuuums

    Oh and Whoppers! Not the burger but the chocolate candy

    I love olives too…whenever I have them in the house…I keeping snacking on them =)

  7. That chip thing is hilarious! I mean yeah, I guess I only like the powder too, but I can’t say it ever occurred to me to toss the chip! I say go for it.

  8. And for me:
    chocolate covered pretzels. I only want the whole bag or none. I try to avoid them…

  9. I love getting the huge olives and putting them on my fingers and eating them that way 🙂 yum.

  10. I grew up with raspberries in the backyard too. Every summer I curse the fact that I no longer have such easy berry access.

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