Where in the World…

Hey everyone!  I should be off in California right now.  Sleeping I hope.

While I’m gone I thought I’d have a contest.

I’m going to a state I’ve never been to before next month for Thanksgiving…

First person to guess will win a fabulous prize… Some coupons for free Kashi and some other things.  I promise, it’ll be good.

Basically, just leave a comment with your guess.  First person to get it correct wins.

Rules:  I’m going to max out your entries at 3-you cannot list every single state and call them a guess.  That’s just lame.  Baby brother you cannot enter because you know.

Hints:  it’s in the US, it’s a state I haven’t been to before (so clearly not WA, OR, or CA).  We’re just going for states cause honestly I don’t know what city we’re going to!

Good luck!

Oh, and for those old navy lovers on my last post… at least here the womens clearance at old navy is an extra 50% off!  Go shopping!

Edit:  So far you know it is not:  Utah, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Montana, Kentucky, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, South Dakota, Iowa, or Nevada .

Hint:  it is NOT a boarder state (it’s surrounded by other states, not Canada, Mexico, or the ocean)

Hint #2:  there’s an old movie (and musical and book) that begin in this state.


20 responses to “Where in the World…

  1. Ha I have no idea but have fabulous trip!

    and you just brought back so many memories with that Carmen Sandiego pic ha…I used to love playing that game =)

  2. Hmm….I love Carmen Sandiego!


  3. For a second guess, I’ll say NM

  4. Oh no! I didn’t know you were leaving town–I think your BSI prize is being delivered today! 😦

  5. livelaughloveandrun


    I hope you’re having a good trip!

  6. i say it’s NEVADA!

  7. New York

  8. Colorado!

  9. Kansas?

  10. Darn it… I’ll bet it’s Oklahoma.

  11. Whoops, I just caught up… it’s Kansas. (Sorry, I’m trying to catch up on my feeds here! Eep!)

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