Sweet Tomatoes

So, remember the time I was cool and found a Blazer at the movies?

Last night, even cooler.  I found a STATE REP at Sweet Tomatoes.  I understand if you’re a little jealous.

The fiance recognized him.  Like I know any of the state reps. (Wait, that’s a lie, in 5ht grade my DARE officer was a a state rep.  I knew him).

I tried to tell the fiance to go to talk to him so they could be besties (the fiance’s office gets to present stuff in front of them every so often, so he’ll see him again).  But the fiance hates fun.

I love buffets because they indludge my need to eat two bites and be done.  I had two bites of a potato


Probably at least 3 of chili

DSCN4045(terrible picture, i know… failblog.me)

Mostly just the frosting on the carrot cake


Ok, most of the pizza bread


And I ate my lovely Hugh Jass of a salad


I love you salad

Then I had two bites of my ice cream, and my cookie.  And my tummy almost exploded.

Now I’m waiting for the fiance to get dressed so we can go get some breakfast, and get back to this


Do you like buffets?  I like not feeling bad about wasting food.  And judging people watching.


7 responses to “Sweet Tomatoes

  1. I really am not a fan of buffets..I have 2 good friends who own restaurants and both just talk about how disgusting buffets are and the food is reused or sits out. Sorry. 😦

  2. I used to love buffets but now I am scared of all the germs etc but they sure have great food and I love that you can try and try until your belly is about to pop lol…

    and judging people suck! but hey, they are there TOO lol…so judge them ha

  3. im too much of a germophobe to enjoy buffets.

    your bed looks much like my room on a normal basis. which is why i need a maid!

  4. I don’t do well in buffet situations- but I am better. I tend to skip everything but salad and dessert, but they somehow cancel each other out.

  5. i wish we had a sweet tomatoes! every time I see it on a blog, the food looks so good for a buffet place!

  6. i used to eat without caring about the germs..but now i do! it’s like…ehwwwww.

    i love eating little bites tooo,,,,but they you get full. lame. i like the chili at sweettomatoes.

    carrot cake?! WHAT?!

    seeing what people get is awesome. my sister and i have like this buffet rule that you CAN NOT GO BACK TO THE BUFFET CHEWING STUFF. coz that makes you look lik ea pig

  7. I am the exact same way … I like to eat about 2 bites of something, and then I am done (especially with sweets/ desserts).

    I like buffets, but only when the food is HOT.

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