Jamba Juice opens at 7 am.

Seriously, they do.  We’ll get to that in a minute

We did mexican with the leftover turkey last night for dinner…

I cooked up some squash with yummy seasoning


And the fiance drank.  No, seriously, he drank while I cooked.  That, boys and girls, is love.  He got me a beer too, so it was ok.

We made our burritos


Mine had olives, cheese, delicious turkey (taco seasoning + salsa + that bottle of seasoning I used on the squash)

Had a salad with everything I could find and love on it


Plus my squash and burrito


For bed dinner (Baby Brother used to insist on “bed dinner”, aka dessert, when he was little.  We still say it sometimes) we chopped up an apple


and dipped it in carmel sauce (some of those little carmels + milk microwaved together)


Then, I woke up today feeling like my head was going to explode.  Well, only one half.  Which is good because if I still had one eye my depth perception would be off and all, but I could still drive.  And wear a sweet phantom of the opera mask.  It has potential.  The pained eye was also weepy.  WebMD (who else is a WebMD junkie whenever they’re sick?  I’m all over that symptom checker) told me that meant I had a cluster headache.  Which doesn’t respond to over the counter meds.  Thanks WebMD.  Since I woke up with it I decided it’d been there for a while, and would go away soon enough, so I drove the fiance to work, and then went to feed myself.


Ok, may not be the best breakfast, but when my head hurts I like things that are cold, and liquids.  And not loud noises, so this way I didn’t have to use my blender.  I got all fruit/no added sugar/no dairy ones-pommagranate and mango and whatnot.  Plus soy protein.


This is me, sad with my smoothie.  Sad.

And this seems like a good point to show the greatest picture of me at Jamba Juice EVER

It was an epic roadtrip (where our tire blew out on the freeway!).   The whole day was insane, and at Jamba Juice in Bellvue we found an employee in a banana costume


Like you wouldn’t get a picture.  Any yeah, I’m the blond in that picture

And now I feel a whole lot more alive.  Time to start packing, we leave tomorrow!


11 responses to “Jamba Juice opens at 7 am.

  1. ah, I love and hate WebMD. It always just tells me I’m dying, basically.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. bed dinner? Too cute! WedMD makes me insane. I always think I am dying. I wish we had Jamba Juice in my neck of the woods.

  3. I feel your pain chickie…I get the worse migraines =(

    din din looks good

  4. the guy must have been like…’DAMMIT! Another picture?! I hate my job.’

    lol. i totally would have taken a picture too 🙂

    sorry bout the headaches. jamba juice makes EVERYTHING better

  5. Feel better and have fun on your trip!!

  6. I hope you feel better soon!

    I’ve banned myself from WebMD. It always manages to convince me that I have cancer, and then I worry endlessly but won’t go to the doctor because I know they’ll laugh when I tell them I’m dying.

  7. “Bed dinner” – that is SO cute!!!

  8. There’s nothing wrong with WebMD. Even my doc knows I symptom check. He literally asks me what I found on WebMD that brought me to him. 🙂 Hope you feel better.

  9. Jamba is a great breakfast! Hope that headache goes away. Seriously- he drinks and you cook? He’s got it made!

  10. I always diagnose every little thing that is wrong with me with WebMD — I am addicted to that site!

    Feel better!

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