I’m thankful for monsters…

I loved hearing everyone’s Thanksgiving loves… I’m doing the holiday with my fiance’s family this year.  I’m a little nervous.  What if the food sucks?

(Oh and the ice cream?  Get it!  Seriously, sooo good!  It says “new” on the lid, so I make no promises of it being at the store.  But it’s got a cinnamon ribbon + little cinnamon bun dough pieces.  Amazing)

Anyhow, back to things I ate yesterday that weren’t frozen sugar.

My favorite food at Thanksgiving is rutabagas, hands down.

These babies look a lot like a turnip


But when they’re cooked they turn a pretty yellow-y color.  Which, if you’ve got other things that look similar  (sweet potatoes, yams, real turnips) makes it hard to find them on the table 😦


I love them a lot.  Like, with the sort of love I save for things like nectarines and ice cream.

I had some plus a baby serving of mashed potatoes covered in turkey gravy and peas


The fiance had normal sliced turkey.  (And rutabagas!  I was so proud!) I wanted mine the way it comes in school lunches (Did anyone else have this growing up?  They rarely did it, just for thanksgiving and christmas, and it was always “Turkey Gravy Whole Wheat Roll”.)


We’re going to pretend a desire to recreate school lunches isn’t weird.

I’ve been feeling less than stellar (headache that loves me so much it’s movin’ in.  Been here off and on for like a week.  And I appreciate the love, but it’s just crashing on the couch, leaving it’s socks all over, and not pitching on groceries.  So it’s gotta go.)… so instead of the pumpkin pie ice cream I was planning on for my turkey day dessert I had a monster!


In a whiskey glass.  Hm.  Can you make a green monster with booze?  I feel like you should be able to.

It was spinach, yogurt, naner, flax, and peanut butter.  It made me happy.

So happy that I had another one for breakfast today!


Same thing.  Creativity can suck it when my head hurts.

They’re working too!  And making me freeeeeezing cold.

Question of the day:  What was your favorite school lunch?  I loved the turkey gravy whole wheat roll, and also chili cinnamon roll day.  But i HATED the stupid cheese zombies.


7 responses to “I’m thankful for monsters…

  1. You got me craving some gravy now. I don’t think I’d ever turn down ice cream for a green monster…ahahahah.

  2. We used to have these round pizzas with pepperoni that were so freaking good…ohhh and chicken pot pie…and mashed potatoes too!

    damn this is making me hungry lol

    Green Monsters are delish! I am so happy I finally tried them

  3. I always like the “bar” days. You know: burger bar, pasta bar, salad bar. Even in grade school I guess I was a control freak 😉

    Hope you feel better!

  4. favorite school lunch was definitely pizza – school pizza, not pizza hut. I don’t know what it was about those rectangle pieces, but I loved them.

    Also, those huge chocolate chip cookies that were always still soft in the middle? Mm…I would go back to school just for those.

  5. Green monsters in a whisky glass- genius.
    I rarely bought lunch but I loved pizza day and when the gave us peanut butter and celery sticks.

  6. Mmm, I love both rutabagas and green monsters!

    My favourite school lunch was turkey and mayo on a bun with a little bit of pepper or a nice warm bowl of soup!

  7. I mostly remember school lunches as gross, except for 1) spaghetti day – the spaghetti was gross but it came with cinnamon rolls the size of my face 2) rib sandwich day! Rib sandwiches were actually processed meat patties shaped like rib racks on hot dog buns – I’m sure there was no rib meat involved, but I didn’t care.

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