Everything in the fridge…

I loved seeing what you guys put on your pancakes!  More ideas = more ways to keep the fiance from drowning his breakfast in syrup 🙂

We had a nice lazy Sunday… We hit up the beer store, did some laundry, made brownies, and hung out.

Our fridge was looking way too full (EVERY piece of tupperware we own was in it!) so we had a clean out the fridge soup for dinner.


It had the leftover roast (the part that didn’t make it into the stroganoff.), leftover pasta, ‘banzos, carrots, our last ear of corn from Sauvie Island, peas, and a can of crushed tomatoes. Plus all sorts of spices.

Delicious.  The fiance put crackers in his.  I’ve never been a crackers in soup type of person.

Salad on the side


And my selection from the beer store! Pumpkin!


The fiance, btw, tried it!  And then of course went back to his Laurelwood red.  But he’s been good about trying things lately-he had a sip of my pumpkin spice latte yesterday too.  Then I realize getting excited about him trying new things is something a mom does.


Anyways.  We tried some of the brownies for dessert


It was a mix (we hopefully will be moving soon, so I wanna use up what we have laying around!) plus added walnuts

Not too bad!  I’ve been trying to bake things to put in the fiance’s lunch.  It gets my baking needs out, and then gets the baking out of the house 🙂 But he’s only going to work 3 days this week, so I had to help out on eating these…

I had mine with some of the cinnamon bun ice cream.


I am in love with that ice cream.  Love.

And because it’s Thanksgiving (I’m half Canadian!) I had pumpkin for breakfast


One of the leftover pancakes (whole wheat, with some flax) covered in cream cheese and pumpkin butter plus half a nana with peanut butter. And some more pumpkin butter on the banana, just for good measure.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! If you’re my little brother, today is when you can start playing Christmas music (“Dude!  Christmas music!”)


12 responses to “Everything in the fridge…

  1. Mmmm more cinnamon bun ice cream! 🙂

  2. I have got to try that ice cream 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. I love Shipyard pumpkinhead! Whoever came up with the pumpkin beer idea is a genius.

  4. Haha I am like your little brother! We have a radio station that on Thanksgiving it starts to play Christmas music and I love it! It makes me feel all cozy inside ha

  5. i play christmas music all year round 🙂

    when do you find out if you guys can move?

  6. Man I wish we could buy pumpkin beer where I live! They don’t sell it anywhere in or around my city.

  7. I went Blazer stalking last night, but saw none: just a crappy movie (Couples Retreat) and a $9 salad fromWF.

  8. I love Christmas music all year but I am annoyed when it is on the radio non-stop after Thanksgiving. I have to try that ice cream asap 🙂

  9. I love fridge soup…I almost always have okra, squash and a leftover grain, so I throw them all together!

    I love pumpkin beer of any kind … my husband (who has a beer blog: http://nighthops.com) just ordered a new recipe for his homebrew and he got pumpkin just for me! I’m a lucky girl.

  10. This almost made me spit my drink out- almost:

    “Then I realize getting excited about him trying new things is something a mom does.


    I know how you feel- I do the same when I try to get my husband to eat veggies.

  11. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 🙂
    Do you make your own pumpkin butter or do you buy it pre-made? I can never find it in stores!

  12. (i actually started listening to christmas music about a month ago… oops? i also told mommy that tomorrow we are putting up christmas lights)

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