Yesterday in addition to Costco (and the pet store where we stared at all the kittens up for adoption and reminded ourselves in a month we can get one.  So cute.) We went to a store called City Liquidators.

It’s kinda a crazy pants store.  You can tell because when you walk in you see these


Yeah, Croc-offs.  Knock off crocs.  Sexy.

Also, guitar playing figurines that may or may not work


And um, ceramic eggs for christmas sockings?


They actually have a ton of furniture, which is why we really went.  And popcorn

I love anywhere that gives me popcorn. (Lookin’ at you Les Schwab, lookin’ at you)

Plus this sexy bedroom set

1010091224-00Is totally on my Christmas list now.  Right next to the ceramic egg.

For dinner we hit up a place called Ernesto’s not too far from us.  Very mom and pop itallian vibe.

Warm bread right out of the oven


And salad.  Oh how I love you salad


I had spaghetti and meatballs.


I am not getting into the clean plate club tonight.


Seriously, there was enough to feed 2 teenage boys.

We went home and my darlin’ that he is, the fiance went out and bought me this ice cream


So.  Freakin.  Good.  I love cinnamon. I managed about 3 bites.

And hot chocolate, which we added a not-so-secret ingredient to.


If you want to drink in public, adding peppermint schnapps to your coffee/cocoa is the way to go.  Not that, you know, I’ve done it or anything.  That’d be trashy.  But if i I had, I’d say to make sure you order your hot chocolate with room.

Now I’m just waiting for the fiance to get up and tell me what he wants for breakfast.  I tried to ask him a few minutes ago and he said “pancakes and waffles and eggies and sausage and bacon”.  I hope his list is shorter when he actually wakes up.


6 responses to “Croc-Offs

  1. Haha I would want a golden egg in my stocking too =P

    Fresh Italian bread is so amazing! The spaghetti is looking yummy too. I am craving for some Italian food now!

    Cinnabun ice cream??? drool. How did you manage only 3 bites?

  2. OMG my brothers and I LOVE that cinnamon bun ice cream. It is so good!

  3. So that’s where my grandma’s crazy neighbor does her Christmas shopping….or at least it is if they have dented tubes of Pringles too, because that’s what my brothers and I got from her one year.

  4. I love spaghetti and meatballs – that is what I am craving right now actually! Mmm, drinking in public – fun!

    The fiancé sounds like a funny guy 🙂

  5. Damn you had my faves =) Italian food and ice cream. And dude now I see why you are marrying him; any guy who goes out for ice cream is the marrying kind ha

  6. Thank you for those Croc Offs – they totally made my day. 😉

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