Yeah, we’re cool

Last night we had stroganoff for dinner.  Except, most people will tell you it has mushrooms.  And, as you know, mushrooms are high on the deadly list.  So ours is death free.


With broccoli because I’m a mom and add vegetables to everything.  The fiance got really excited that we were having shells for the pasta.  Then said “you know you’re old when you get excited about the shape of pasta”.

Baby, you’re old for so many more reasons than that.

And, shocking, we had salad on the side.


New and different, I know.

Then, because we’re wild and crazy and it was Friday night, we went and rented a movie AND got ice cream.

Seriously, we’re wild.


Pumpkin ice cream (the dryers slow churned shiz)+ shortbread cookies

We fell asleep before the movie ended.

We’re cool.

Now the fiance is watching football and eating his new cereal


He was super excited.  Not kidding.

And I’m having oats with pumpkin butter and walnuts!


After we’re thinking we might go to Costco.  WILD LIFE I’m tellin’ you.

I’m glad everyone is excited for the baby brother-he’s going to be making my site prettier too, so watch for that!

Is anyone doing anything exciting (well, more exciting than a new box of cereal AND costco-I know that’s hard to beat) this weekend?


6 responses to “Yeah, we’re cool

  1. Lemurs are adorable! Forget the roller coasters, they’re my favorite part of going to Busch Gardens…that cereal is exciting 🙂

    You got me beat excitement wise- I just got back from Wal-Mart, where I purchased the 4th Twilight book. So I’m going to be holed up in the den reading with football on mute for the next two days…

  2. Ooooh I just love going to Costco – I look forward to it 🙂 And, those oats look delicious!

    Also, I am glad I am not the only one who is super cool on a Friday night!

  3. I don’t think it’s an old thing to get excited about the shape of pasta. The shape makes the meal. Especially if it’s spongebob shaped

  4. Ha this post made me laugh…you two are too cute =)

    My plans for tonight is making Meat Loaf with mashed Potatoes and my sis is bringing over a Green Bean Casserole! Yuuuums

  5. I love fun pasta. It makes a completely different meal!

  6. Hey! Going to costco always highlights my day!

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