First things first, per requests, how to do pumpkin butter is now found here.

Mine uses sugar, because I was just about out of anything else… Let me know if you try it with splenda/agave/whatevs, I’d love to hear how it works!

I’ve been putting together a monster baby Halloween package.  The chocolate is for her mommy 🙂


I’m not entirely sure if I should be sending a baby candy.  But at least it doesn’t have dye and isn’t a choking hazard, right?  Going to get a toy or two more to add…

And maybe a Soulja Boy cd.  She seems to be a fan.  Every time we talk on the phone I say hello.  And then she tries to kiss me through the phone. I’m amused, but it probably helps that my phone isn’t the one getting baby drool on it.  (she also waves.  So the conversations are me saying “hi big girl!” and then my mom/sil/bro going “she’s waving!” then me saying “what are you doing tootsie?” “she’s kissing the phone!”  “oh are you giving kisses?” and then finally “oh she’s waving bye bye to you!”  thrilling intellectual conversations.  But cute)

Lunch was pumpkin buttah and cream cheese on killer bread


plus a Hugh Jass salad


And coming soon to I’m an Eating Machine…..


Guest posts from my little brother!  Mostly, so he can prove to people like the Shari’s waitress (“I hate skinny people like you.  I’m going to fatten you up!”) that he really does eat.  A lot.

Y’all met him on his birthday, but basically, he’s built like a greyhound

(He doesn’t actually dress like this every day, sadly)

And eats like this.

(Don’t worry, he’d already eaten his hashbrowns and eggs.  So he still had pancakes, bacon, pie and soda.  This is you know, post dinner.  Good lordy)


9 responses to “Buttah

  1. If you don’t think it can get better, try pumpkin butter and cream cheese on cinnamon raisin bread–holy tamale

  2. you’re such a sweet aunt to monster baby.

    your brother’s appetite is pretty scary! lol

  3. I want a sister-in-law who gives me chocolate and Peep-ghosts.

  4. I love the outfit in the first pic of him – very stylish!

  5. Awww you are such a sweet aunt!

    ha your brother looks like a fun person to hang with

  6. aww love your package. yeah, those who do not love le celery should be avoided with celerity. =D


    hahah you like the “mrs. duggar” throwbacK? seriuosly! she’s likeNEVER not preggers!

  7. That pumpkin cream cheese combo is making me drool!

    I’m always amazed by certain (usually teenaged) boys’ abilities to process massive amounts of calories. If I could have a superpower I’d want that one. 😉

  8. mmm ghost peeps! I use to love peeps until one easter when Josh’s mom bought me like 20 boxes. Now I can’t even look at them 😉 Your brother looks hilarious

  9. Hahah built like a greyhound — that cracked me up!

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