Well, last night was interesting.

My dinner was in two parts last night, because I babysat…. so I started out with this monster naner


It was too big (that is what she said, it’s true), so I used half in some Nature’s Path cereal

DSCN3862I love this cereal!  It’s the Crunchy Maple Sunrise.  So tasty!

Then babysat, (the baby btw had squash and tofu for dinner-babies would make awesome food bloggers!), and came home to some kabocha soup and Dave’s Killer bread.  Plus wine!

DSCN3864Seriously, the only thing better than that soup, is that soup with Dave’s.  The only thing better than Dave’s is Dave’s with that soup.

The fiance ate leftovers while I babysat.  I told him to eat vegetables.  He ate cereal.  Good job honey, good job.

But here was the crazy part of the night… My little brother sent me a text with this picture of my older brother’s car

My brother was home (and not in the car!) when it happened and heard no brakes, no squealing tires, just SMASH.  And then the person drove off.  Who does that?  10:1 says they were drunk and/or 17.

We were totally going to buy that car off him too.  I’m guessing not so much now.

So far, no luck finding the person who did it… but their car is probably pretty messed up (my brother’s got pushed forward about 10 feet)


Today I used up the other half of the monster banana, with peanut butter and cinnamon in a flat out.


And now I’ve got a crapload of groceries to put away….

Question of the morning:  have you ever been in a car accident or gotten your car smashed?  I drove my car into the median once.  Well, side swiped.  Which meant I was fine, and my car was a messsss.


8 responses to “Crash!

  1. car accidents…quite a bit, but as a passenger. never fun. i got whiplash once. how’d you make your kabocha soup?

  2. (that is what she said, it’s true) Ha that made me crack up because my worker always says that!

    In one week, I got into 3 different car accidents. The first I was at the Gas Station and this truck was backing up and did not see me and hit my car but did not do too much damage so we just parted ways. About three days later I was parking my car at the parking lot of my office and this lady was not paying attention and backed up and hit me AGAIN on the same side lol.

    But the worse one was on that weekend when were in my mother’s car and her brakes gave out in the highway and we rammed between another car and the railing. That was soooooo scary because the car was just going on it’s own. The’s car was completely wrecked.

    That is really messed about your brother’s car…people can be so horrible.

  3. That sucks for your brother. I hope they find the other people.
    My mom always got ridiculously big bananas from TJ because they’re 19 cents regardless of the size and I always used half a banana. I always pick out the tiny bananas at grocery stores where it’s by the pound now

  4. Wow how scary, it is good thing your brother was not in the car and wasn’t hurt. I hope they find the driver involved. I have been in two minor accidents. The first one was in high school and I was terrified. Everything was fine but I was shaken up. My most recent one a few months ago was minor. This kid bumped me and left a minor dent. It was more annoying than anything.

  5. I really want to try that Dave’s bread…

    That stinks!! How can someone just drive off like that?

    My old car that I got when I was 16 was WWIII car- I backed into my parent’s stucco mailbox cracking the back bumper, my aunt backed her huge Navigator into the passenger side, I was parking and hit the brick wall of a parking garage, so the front bumper matched the back…My newer car, that’s now almost 4 years old, doesn’t have a scratch on it. Yay maturity…

  6. OMG i cannot believe someone would do that??!! hit and run’s are the worst and that is not a little nick in the car! I am so glad no one was in the car or hurt!

    i was in a car accident a few months ago that was my fault, it was a red light then it turned green, i accelerated and then the person in front puyt his brakes on and I couldnt stop fast enough so BAM, I rammed into the back and messed up my car (which I no longer have) glad I was safe though!

    Your eats look fabulous ! thats one big nanner 🙂

  7. I’ve been rearended once, but thankfully that’s it. Knock on wood! I’m just glad everyone was safe, but it’s so jerky for someone to do a hit and run like that 😦

  8. I have only been in minor rear ending accidents, in which there was barely visible damage – luckily!

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