In the car ride home last night, the fiance said “oh yeah, my mom said you could open the package.”

He is MEAN that boy. MEAN.

It had a book for us, money (!  for our plane tickets to visit), some of the fiance’s savings bonds (which we found out are worth enough for a weekend trip or something, score), a card, and an old picture of the fiance with some of his fam.  That I was going to put up if I could figure out where he put the stuff.

Maybe I shouldn’t have threatened that I was cashing in the savings bonds and buying shoes.  Hm.

We had a proper mom dinner last night.


Pot roast, mashed potatoes, peas, corn, and gravy (multiply my serving of meat times like 3 and you’ll have what the fiance ate.  I finally had to tell him he HAD to eat his salad before he took more meat.  Like I said, mom meal)

My inner five year old adores taters and gravy just so I can make my mountain.


Plus salad, of course.


We went to the gym for a bit, and wanted a snack when we got home.  Gave the pom chobani a try.


Loved the flavor, not so sure about the seeds.

And today since I’ve got an interview I need to leave for in an hour, I made sludge a smoothie that I drank while I drove the fiance to his van.


Seriously, the color is gross, I know.  We have some green tinted glasses I normally drink these out of, but they’re all in the dishwasher.  My sludge was spinach (clearly), milk, banana, blueberries, and flax.

The fiance, btw, won’t touch ones I make.  Not because of the spinach…  because of the blueberries.

Now I just need to go get my hair dried and get some clothes on.  Things I love about short hair:  not having to take forevers to dry it.  I miss that.

Then it’s off to the eastside yo.  Interview!  So sick of them!


9 responses to “Sludge

  1. I just found your blog and you make me laugh. Glad you finally got to open the package. 🙂 And your broccoli looks really good… I may have to try that.

  2. yum your mashed potatoes look so good on this chilly day.

  3. That dinner looks just like dinner at my grandma’s!! 🙂 Especially the corn- she always had corn from a can or the freezer, haha.

    GOOD LUCK with this interview!

  4. Good luck at your interview chickie!

    No one in my family will give Green Monsters a try =(…I insist that it tastes good but they all just give me this “look” lol

    I am craving some comfort food…I think I am going to make a meatloaf this weekend =)

  5. Trent mocks me all the time for adding spinach to smoothies and oatmeal. I just remind him that I’m superhealthy and bionic as a result.

    Good luck with the interview!

  6. Pot roast! My mother was a terrible cook (sorry, Mom) but she could pull off pot roast and potatoes to perfection. I’m seriously craving it now. But I can’t go to the grocery store because I was put under general anesthesia this morning and I think it’s illegal for me to drive. Time to bother the sweetie….

  7. Oohh mashed potatoes — can’t go wrong with that!

  8. GOOD LUCK WITH THE INTERVIEW!!!! 🙂 you will do so great!! dinner looks great!!

  9. I think it is funny that your fiancé is more afraid of blueberries than spinach! Bizarre!

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