Bad Albertsons.

Thanks for all the good lucks for the interview!  I think it went well-two of my friends had theirs two weeks ago(it’s for the sub list, so lots of interviews!), and so they’d filled me in on the questions (One was, not kidding “you’re walking the class to the library when a teacher comes up and yells that you ruined her field trip.   What do you do?”  How random is that?)

I made sure to properly caffinate myself on the way there

DSCN3840(waiting for the light and an on-ramp, so not actually driving… soy latte!)

I got home and made myself a snack.  It’s the  classic “chopping an apple is way too hard so I’m going to be cool and just coat a whole apple with peanut butter”


It’s great because on the one hand, you’re using PB straight out the jar, so you can use as much as you want and pretend you don’t know you’re doing it… But on the other hand you also have to keep dipping the knife in, and given that you’re already too lazy to cut the apple, you’re not going to go overboard.

Later, I made lunch… I chopped up all this

DSCN3844Spinach, basil, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni, and whole wheat rottini

Well, ok, I didn’t chop the pasta.  Cause that’d be weird.   But I put it all together, covered it with tomato sauce and some crushed red pepper, added some mozzarella to the top, and cooked.


Browned cheese, you’re my bestie.

Would it be wrong to just make browned cheese?  I think about it sometimes.

But there was a sad part to my day I have to share about.

Now, I was getting pretty low on Smart Balance PB, and despite what the fiance says, we need more peanut butter.

And Albertsons has Smart Balance PB on sale for 1.75 when you buy 4.  Good price, right?

I’ve also got coupons for a buck off a thing of PB… so 4 of them means Albertsons will give me FOUR PBs for 3 bucks.  You can see how this is fantastic….

BUT THERE WAS NO SMART BALANCE AT ALBERTSONS!  Not even a shelf spot for it! They don’t carry it at ALL.

You Albertsons, are a dirty tease.

And we need more peanut butter!  You guys gotta back me up… This is all the nut butter in our house.  And the Smart Balance and the almond butter are low.

DSCN3855I got him the Skippy once cause he said he wanted chunky but he never eats it either…. so it’s like we only have TWO.

Clearly, this is nowhere near enough, right?  My fiance doesn’t believe me.  He said something about only needing one.  Who only has one jar?  Help me out!


15 responses to “Bad Albertsons.

  1. so what was your answer to the question about the field trip? (it is really random)

    509 is the way to go 🙂 haha.

    why would they put it on sale and not even stock it? how dumb/ridiculous/unfair!

  2. OMG I love this post. I love when I read a blog and I get to say “yes I totally understand” or I laugh out loud =)

    Your fiancee is cookoo! One jar of pb is never enough! I need at least 2 at all times… I need a back up =)

    I hope you get a call back! Good luck Girly!!!!!!!!

  3. You need more. I think I have 30+ That might e a little overboard, but 3 is not OK, and that is NOT cool of Albertson’s to be such a tease

  4. Burnt cheese might be my favorite thing EVER.
    Good luck on getting on the sub list!

  5. I hope you answered, “I’d bitch slap her ass and then say, well now I ruined your day too.”
    More than one jar is absolutely necessary. I keep two different kinds at work and at home.

  6. That is a random interview question! I can’t wait for the day when I am the one doing the interview and I can ask ridiculous questions just to see the look on their faces.

  7. I would love to hear the full details of the story that led up to the field trip question being a regular part of the interview. Clearly someone has done this before!

    And that is obviously not enough nut butter. Shame on Albertson’s for failing you!

  8. Oh – I totally melted cheese on a plate in my younger days 🙂

  9. That is such a random interview question!!Your melty pasta dish looks jammin. ❤ nut butter….all of them 😉

  10. “Why, grab the closest kid to use as a human shield if need be and slooowly back away of course.”

    Seriously…even if I knew that question was coming I’d probably still giggle.

  11. hey i nominated you for an award. check it out 🙂

  12. i only have one jar. lol. tj’s. unsalted creamy. =D

  13. damn albertsons. That sucks.
    But you’re right. There is NO better thing than browned cheese. Ooh lala~

  14. mmm….browned cheese 🙂 I used to make cheese toast all the time. Just take a slice of cheese, put it on some bread, and throw it in the toaster oven on medium-low once to get it warmed/kind of melty. Then start is AGAIN and the corners of the cheese start to bubble up and brown…yum.

    Hmmm….we have 2 almond butters (1 isn’t open yet), 3 pb!, 1 dark chocolate pb, and nutella.

  15. I would definitely make browned cheese by itself and eat it. For sure.

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