Oats, Jobs, and Not-tumors

We had some salmon for dinner, with rice, world’s best broccoli,


and salad. You know how I love my spinach.  With apples, cause I’m crazy like that


Seriously, if you haven’t done it, roast some broccoli.  I was going through a head a day by myself when I discovered this recipe.

We had full inentiosn of going to the gym after dinner.  And then I got an optical migraine.  AWESOME.

If you’re not lucky enough to get them, basically you get dark or blurry patches in your field of vision.  They come and go and sometimes there’s weird lines across your vision, and all sorts of fun stuff.

When I started getting them I was pretty sure I had a tumor.  Tumor is my general explanation for most things (cause seriously, what on earth else would make you have big blurry patches in ONE EYE.  Sounds like a tumor to me).  Sometime I’ll tell y’all about my face not-tumor.

Thankfully I have an eye doctor who I know can find tumors (seriously, he found our neighbor’s tumor before her oncologist did) and he assured me I am just getting migraines IN MY FRIGGIN EYE.  They don’t hurt but they’re disorienting, and I’m happier sitting still when I have them, and so we skipped the gym.

And made dessert. Cause, you know, gym skipping calls for that.


Don’t even pretend oat bran isn’t dessert.  Don’t even pretend.

With peanut butter and chocolate chips?  I’m pretty sure that’s dessert.

And I made kabocha oats today! With cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and a little bit of maple syrup.


I’m so amused by the color. Although it does remind me of baby food.  When I nannyed I’d always mix in a puree with the baby’s oats when I was getting him to try something new.   I should try this on the fiance.

And I’ve got a job interview in a few hours!  Eek.  I’m sick of these-I’ve got one tomorrow too.  So please, think warm fuzzies for me around 10:30 pacific today 🙂 This one isn’t for a teaching job, it’s with one of my two favorite non-profits.  (I will give you a gold star if you can guess either one-TWO if you can guess both)

And really, worst case scenario of these interviews is I keep staying home and making cookies.  Which, let’s be honest, isn’t that bad!


10 responses to “Oats, Jobs, and Not-tumors

  1. Oh geez I am the same way…my husband would love this…I think everything is a tumor.

  2. Good Luck!!!

    Hmmm….Unicef? That would be a interesting place to work…Literacy Project? Blogging=literacy is good, right?

  3. sorry bout the optical migraine. i get migraines a lot. when i get them i have to hole up in a dark corner of my room and say goodbye to the world for a couple of hours. i got a CT Scan because I thought there was a tumor pushing on my brain. im a hypochondriac. im sure my doctor was dying to tell me to get over myself. im glad insurance covered that 🙂

    good luck on the interview.

  4. Ha when I eat my Oats with Pumpkin, I always think it looks like baby food which might explain why I like it so much. I still eat baby food sometimes (sssshhhh)

    and girly I feel your pain…I get migraines ALL the times =( …my dad keeps telling me to get it checked out cause HE thinks it might be a tumor…and I think he planted the seed in my head because I always think the worse lol

  5. Ugh, no fun! I used to get migraines with auras where my vision would go and then my head would throb. Awful.

    Good luck with the interview!

  6. Good luck on the interview today! I think any meal becomes an instant dessert when peanut butter and chocolate is added!

  7. good luck! You know that’s my kind of dessert. And salmon is my kind of dinner. And the whole thing is my kind of post

  8. You poor woman! Rest thyself and will those migraines away.

    GL with the interview!

  9. Sorry to hear about that migraine! I’m glad to hear your resting when they’re there. I hope it goes away soon!

    Oat bran is totally a dessert, especially with chocolate and PB 😉

    Best of luck on that job interview!!!

  10. Those dessert oats look awesome! Totally dessert! I hope your interview went well today 🙂

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