Kabocha Soup

In an effort to not turn the heat on, and also not get hypothermia, I got my freezin booty into the kitchen this morning!  Cooking when it’s cold is always a good way to warm up the house-Tamara left a comment on the last post about using the oven lots when it’s getting chilly-I’m all about doing that!  (Although, last year, my house was too cold for bread to rise.  That was sad.  And a pain)

First I made a quick, totally not breakfast foods breakfast

DSCN3785Quesadilla with some black beans and mushrooms.  Might not be breakfast food, but it was tasty.

Then I went to war with a kabocha (serious war-the knife got stuck, there was almost blood.  there was almost also me throwing away a squash with a knife stuck in it.)

But I won the war and this went into the oven

DSCN3789And I sauted some onions and celery in a little bit of butter and chicken stock.  Blended those, and put them aside.  When the squash came out I made this

DSCN3792Baby food!  Er… blended squash.  Mixed it in with the stock/celery/onion puree and then added milk and lots of yummy spices (cinnamon, red peppers, salt, more stock…etc) and made an amazing lunch

DSCN3800So good!  A little spicy, a little sweet, all together and happy.  I had some toasted Good Seed on the side

DSCN3801I dipped the bread in the soup.  Because I’m 2, and enjoy my foods better when I can dip.

I made cookies too.  But I had some issues there.

DSCN3793I think it was too cold to get a good handle on how wet the dough was, so the first half are the ones on the left.  Look closely, one of the ones on the bottom has a HOLE in it, because they’re so think they just fall apart.  But they taste good, so not all is lost.  Added more flour to the second half, and they’re fine!  (They’re oatmeal with whole wheat flour and agave.  For the fiance’s lunch cause I’m a housewife.  But a mean one who doesn’t feed him white flour.)

And look what I just noticed!

DSCN3794Purple water!  Those are some of the flowers from my Costco boquet.  The beauty of them is that the bouquet is so absurdly large (cause nothing from Costco is small) that they’re in that vase plus three other ones-my house is FULL of flowers.  Apparently, artificially colored flowers. Oh well…

Does anyone have a secret to cutting open squash?  Because I really did almost lose my knife today.


11 responses to “Kabocha Soup

  1. Too funny about the purple water… that is definitely some artificial coloring, but at least the flowers are pretty! 🙂
    No secrets to cutting except to invest in an amazingly sharp (and usually expensive) knife to do the job!

  2. I love using my oven in the winter…it smells nice and keeps the apt warm and cozy =)

    everyone has been baking lately on the blogs lol…I need to make something yummy this weekend =)

  3. now i finally know what kabocha looks like. ive seen it before but never knew what it looked like.

    i say drop the darn thing from the balcony. im sure itll crack open(and splatter all over the concrete). lol.

    i never buy big enough squash that requires too much muscle. but i do have a cleaver the works wonders on a GINORMOUS watermelon. should do the trick for you.

  4. I love having “non – breakfast foods” for breakfast – I prefer them for sure!

  5. Sounds like a good breakfast to me!

  6. I second the buy a super sharp knife comment. Preferably have an older family member buy you really nice knives that are amazing and will last forever.

  7. lol, that always happens with kabocha…it has a rather thick skin! Just use an extra big manly cleaver!

  8. That soup looks so good!

    And it was the perfect day for baking! I even had a little cookie-baking mishap myself haha.

  9. the soup looks great! i still haven’t found kabocha here.

  10. I love having non-breakfast foods in the morning!

    That soup looks awesome and I wish I could help on a cutting technique but I’m also in need of some advice! lol

  11. Ooh, I’ve got a good tip! Stick that sucker in the micro for a minute or two (just until it feels a little bit soft). Much easier to cut through, and still cooks up/tastes the same.

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