End if the Season…

We went to the Timber’s playoff game yesterday…

It started out like this


And ended like this.


No win.  Sadddddd.

Before we left we had some leftover pizza… I was starving because we hadn’t eaten before church (overslept!)

Plus I had a salad.  Salad is my bestie. Seeing as how leftover pizza isn’t terribly photogenic (although it is delicious-especially if you reheat it in the oven!) and I have another picture of salad with dinner, I think you can just imagine this meal in your head.

After the game we came home and pouted.  And then made dinner.  The fiance had some leftovers, and really all I wanted was vegetables.  So I had vegetables.  Lots of ’em.

Roasted carrots, white acorn squash, apple, and pecans


Wtih some corn on the cob


and a salad.


I think I’m getting a little obsessed with spinach.  There are worse obsessions.

And now I’m drinking some life giving coffee and trying to motivate myself to de-cocoon from the blankets and make breakfast… Weather.com says it’s 40 degrees.  We haven’t turned on the heat.  So blankets are pretty much my bestie right now.

Have you turned on your heat yet?  (Tell me yes so I can feel like it really is time to do it!)


11 responses to “End if the Season…

  1. It’s 80 degrees here (if it wasn’t raining it would be warmer)- so my air is on, if that makes you feel better…

  2. Sorry your team didn’t win!

    We haven’t turned on our heat yet, but I suspect we will this week!

  3. Too bad about the game. At least your dinner was awesome!

    We haven’t turned our heat on yet, but it’s still in the 60/70 degree range over here. If it were in the 40s our heat would be ON (and I would still be covered in blankets and sweatshirts anyway). 😉

  4. oh those veggies looks delish..we are both on a veggie kick…

    No heat for me…I live in a building and I have to wait for the super to turn the heat on for the whole bldg…thankfully it has not been that bad yet =)

  5. OH I forgot, I love those pics of you two lol

  6. Oh yeah, we’ve had to heat this season. I think we turned it on in July one day it got so bad

  7. Mmmmm all your veggies look good!

  8. Aww bummer that your team didn’t win!

    No heat for us here in SD yet…probably won’t need it at all actually!

  9. Lows in the high 30s and highs in the low 50s this week in southern Indiana. It hasn’t been bad enough to turn the heat on yet…we usually save that for when the highs dip into the 40s (which, at the rate the temperature has been dropping lately, could be any day now). This is when daily use of the oven and cuddly sweethearts come in handy.

  10. Yeah – we had to turn on our heat last week … it is getting pretty chilly in Saskatchewan!

  11. Of course not! It’s still 90 degrees here. Jeal? Well,if you are, just remember you’re in PDX and that feeling should fade 🙂

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