Laurelwood Pizza Co

A lot of you said you wanted to hit up a pumpkin patch-Pick Your Own has an ugly ugly website, but a lot of info about where farms are and what they’ve got, sorted by states and then county.  Check up before you go-website or call-cause I think a lot of it is user submitted, but there’s a ton on there!

After our pumpkin adventure, which was to humor me, we went to Laurelwood to humor the fiance.

Laurelwood makese my fiance’s favorite beer.  Like, sometimes he gets worried they might stop bottling it and buys a month’s supply.  And the the next day, when he sees the store got more in, he wants to buy another month’s supply.  Just to be safe.  We used to live by one of them, and go all the dang time.  But we moved, and haven’t been in forever.  One of the fiance’s coworkers told him their eastside locations had more beer on tap.  More beer, clearly, meant we had to go.

Despite the pizza and beer last night, the fiance was all about another evening of pizza and beer.  He’s an easy man to please.

I had an amber, which they don’t have at the NW location, and he had a fresh hops

DSCN3744And now I’m feeling cheated that the NW one had no amber.  I loved it.

We shared a huge salad

DSCN3745The fiance ate some of the tomatoes and told me “I eat tomatoes now!” I think he wants to update what will kill him dead. But he still refused the cucumbers.

And they had tater tots.  Covered in cheese.  With bacon.  Basically, a basket of heart attack.  The fiance couldn’t resist

DSCN3749They were good, but I had the salad first so my tummy was full enough that my arteries are still semi-functioning.

We got the Meat Amore pizza, which had pepperoni, salami, meatballs, and olives

DSCN3751Notice what’s missing on half?

DSCN3752So freakin’ good!  The crust was one of the best pizza crusts I’ve had-great texture, just a little bit of sweetness to it.  And, since we had so much food, we’ve got lots of pizza left over!

(And Vegan MoFos-they’ve got vegan pizza there.  And organic beer.  So it’s healthy)

We hit up Costco today-my parents found Northface jackets at the Costco in Yakima.  No such luck here.  Lame.  But the fiance loves me so he bought me flowers!

DSCN3757For a long time, he only got me flowers when I’d gotten mad.  He’s not big on them-“they die!”  But now, every so often he buys me flowers just because. I gotta go get these pretties in water!

Do you like flowers, or are on on the fiance’s side?  I hate potted plants because I either overwater or underwater, and they die.  At least cut flowers are SUPPOSED to die, you know?


6 responses to “Laurelwood Pizza Co

  1. I love having flowers in my apartment…TJ has really pretty ones at a great price =)

    Yum Pizza…I love black olives on my pizza =)

  2. We had pizza last night too. Dove Vivi. Been there? OMG, I die. They have vegan and meat pizza and this thick cornmeal crust that is the best thing I’ve ever had in my mouth. Love. Pick a night you want to go, and we are SO there.

  3. I love fresh flowers but rarely buy them because I kind of think they are a waste of money. Carnations are actually pretty good, because they last quite long. I have a couple plants that are very difficult to kill – Aloe, cactus, and bamboo 🙂

  4. I have the post-workout munchies and totally want to eat that pizza now.

    I’m not a big cut flower girl – I stick to houseplants that can’t be killed like spiderplants.

  5. i love good pizza – that with some good beer is hard to beat for a fun dinner out.

    i love having flowers but I hate when they get all sad and droopy 😦

  6. OH yum…the bacon & cheese covered tater tots look amazing. And greasy. LOL.

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