“yeah, there’s coconut in that”

Last night we ended up shopping (For pants!  At Banana Republic!  We live a crazy life) and so we went out to eat

We hit up Lucky Lab which is in our hood, and has beer and pizza.  Both of which are statistically proven to make you a happier, better person.

Lucky Lab is full of pictures of dogs


They have bike jerseys with their logo.  Those give you FIVE white people poins:  Portland (its in the book, so no link), bikes, outdoor performance gear, dogs, and microbrews.    Plus they have vegan pizza, and organic beer.

I had a slice of pizza with roasted garlic, mushrooms, and olives


It was delicious.  The fiance looked at me like I was eating rat poison.  He had pepperoni.

I got a salad that did not want it’s picture taken


I had ranch dressing, so that, not going to lie, I could do this


Let’s not even kid ourselves, pizza crust is amazing like that.

And we got ice cream after.  This for me


And a blizzard for the fiance.  He’s eaten coconut milk ice cream before without knowing it.  And loved it.  This stuff?  One bite and he’s backing away going “yeah, there’s coconut in that”.  Silly.

All I wanted today for breakfast was fruit and a latte.  So I’ve got this


and my dear wonderful fiance is out getting me a grande soy latte.  Two Splendas.  It’s the best.

I realized how rarely I get coffee because he had NO clue what I get…

What’s your coffee order?  Or are you all crazy and have variety in your life?


8 responses to ““yeah, there’s coconut in that”

  1. I either get a black coffee, or a non-fat latte. Nothing fancy, nothing sweet … just boring coffee. But I LOVE it!

    That pizza looks amazing – I adore black olives.

  2. There’s a place near us that does a chicken wing pizza that comes with blue cheese dipping sauce. We call it the heart attack pizza and get it maybe twice a year. It’s heaven.

    I’m mostly a minimalist when it comes to coffee, but I recently discovered coconut milk in coffee. Amazing!

  3. Lucky Lab seems like a fun place!

    I’m not a coffee person… I just don’t like it. 🙂

  4. Black and decaf, because I’m a crazy party animal like that 🙂
    I just picked up Mocha almond fudge coconut milk ice cream cuz it was 4 dollars for the pint. Woohoo sales!

  5. No, I am not doing a masters in teaching – yet. I finished my BA in Psychology at Christmas, and then I found out that I only needed 3 more classes and I would have an honours degree (which is typically 6 classes beyond the BA – but I had already done 3 of them without realizing). So I am just finishing my last 2 classes for that, and will be done at Christmas this year. Getting this will bump me up on the teachers pay scale to the same as I would get with a masters – which is nice! I hope to apply for my masters in either clinical psychology or Ed. Psych. for next fall.

  6. Haha, when it comes to MY coffee…don’t you DARE mess with it! I just want it black, splenda, with a shot of milk, and that’s the only way to enjoy it! 😀

    Why did your fiance look at you crazy? Your pizza sounds SO much better than yucky pepperoni 😉

  7. I am a Skinny Vanilla Latte with about 8 Splendas kind of girl lol…don’t judge =)

    you have me craving pizza lol

  8. livelaughloveandrun

    If I go to Starbucks, I’m a sugar free vanilla soy latte kind of girl. I’m presently cutting back on Starbucks though.. too expensive (shh don’t tell, I went this morning).

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