Jobs Jobs Jobs

Well, I got offered a job today….

….but I’m not going to take it!

I got my masters in teaching this spring… but schools in the area just aren’t hiring!  Budget cuts, teachers putting off retirement…. Jobs in Sherwood (if you know the area you know, that’s not even really in the metro) got EIGHT HUNDRED applicants-who knows how many those within the city got!  This week I had an interview for a sub list, and two interviews (plus one follow up today) to be a Special Ed assistant… I got offered one of those.  But, it’s not full time (30 hours a week), it’s not teaching, and it’s not with the age of kids I want to work with.  I got on the sub list where I was at on Monday, and I’ve got an interview for the public school’s sub list Wednesday.

I was going back and forth on taking the job…. And then got a call for ANOTHER job interview!  I took that as a sign not to settle.

Please, when I still don’t have a job in two months, don’t remind me about this 🙂

The job stress definately called for a cookie Friday!


These are going to go way too fast.  So good.

I hit up costco where I found this


Butternut squash?  Yes please.

I had it for lunch with broccoli, spinach, and some parm and pecans on top.


So good!


Have a wonderful Friday night-we’re on call to babysit because my cousin is hoping the baby shows up soon!  She’s 5 foot nothing and 9 months pregnant, so she’s basically 85% baby, 15% herself right now… Let’s hope Littlest shows up soon!  (And that they settle on a name!)

8 responses to “Jobs Jobs Jobs

  1. Yum, that ravioli looks delicious! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Your description of your cousin is so cute. Well, cute might not be the exact word I’m looking for…. She must be so uncomfortable.

    Here’s hoping the baby comes arrives soon!

  3. Congrats on the job offer, even if it wasn’t one you want! I hear landing a job of any sort is a pretty big deal these days.

  4. Good for you for knowing what you want and not settling for a job you weren’t crazy about. I’m sure the next job that comes along will be a great fit!

    Butternut squash raviolis look yummmmmers.

  5. I think it was good that you listened to your gut and I am sure something better will come your way =)

    ohhh I got the Butternut Squash V8 soup today =) I can’t wait to try it

    Have a great night and good luck to your cousin

  6. Butternut squash ravioli?? yum!!

    Good luck to your cousin! I love babies 😀

  7. That’s great that you know what you want in a job! Ya don’t want to take the first thing that comes your way, then regret it later. That butternut squash looks TDF. Wish we had a Costco.

  8. I am a teacher too!! I graduated with my BEd in 2004 and had been mostly just subbing since then, until this fall when I got offered a permanent position!! I felt like it was never going to happen. Fortunately in my city, there are tonnes of jobs … the recession really hasn’t hit us in Saskatchewan (Canada). I teach grade 7/8 and I LOVE it! What grade do you like to teach? I hope you find something soon!

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