Happy Friday

I’m glad I’m not the only mix user!  Some of you mentioned Mac and Cheese in a box…  I gotta say, I do homemade sometimes, but seriously some days those mixes are just so good!

When he got home the fiance promptly ate two cookies.  These babies are good.  The sea salt gives them a little something extra, you know?

We had enchiladas for dinner last night-the fiance’s were chicken, and mine were chicken and squash


I adore squash.  I don’t get what the fiance’s deal is.

Plus black beans with garlic, cilantro, and a little bit of sour cream, and salad with tomatoes corn and avocado.  I was in love with this salad.  Corn on salad is a wonderful thing


We had the dessert of champions


(That bottle if wine is ridiculously big.  Why we need 1.5 L of wine when the fiance prefers beer is beyond me, but he bought it…)

I ate one cookie.  I think the fiance had 3.

And now I’m munching on this


Plain chobani with blueberries, flax, and honey

I discovered somehow we have no clean spoons (Forks?  Knives?  Sure.  Spoons?  Not so much) so I’m using this huge spoon to eat with


And then I’ve got to go to ANOTHER interview.  That makes 4 this week.  And I’ve got one scheduled next week.  I hate interviews.  But I would like money… It’s a trade off.

Oh!  And I just found out one of my best friends from middle school is coming to Portland at the end of the month! I haven’t seen her in TEN years-she moved to Kansas, and now she’s in med school in Texas.   She’s excited for Portland.  As she should be.

Do you keep in touch with friends you haven’t seen forever?  I’m honestly terrible about it a lot of the time.


5 responses to “Happy Friday

  1. I’m making enchiladas this wknd…can’t wait!

  2. Good luck with your interview!!!

    I’m realllly bad at keeping in touch. If it wasn’t for facebook, I’m not sure I’d still be in touch with anyone from high school…

  3. I am horrible keeping intouch with people in my past…

    good luck with your interview!!! ((((fingers crossed)))))

    Your din din looks yummy, I love Mexican food

  4. I’m also horrible with keeping in touch with some friends. It seems like it’s hard to keep some friendships up!

  5. I try to keep in touch with friends, and most I do.

    Mmmm, I love cilantro!

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