Who needs Febreze?

Words cannot describe how freaking good my house smells right now.

I ran to the store and when I came back I was seriously SHOCKED at how it smelled.

I kinda want to eat my kitchen right now.  It’s redic.

Why?  Well, first I roasted up some squash fries for lunch


With cinnamon, salt, and pepper.  Amazing. House started to smell like pie.


I ate it alongside couscous with tomatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli.  Which was steaming and refused to take a good picture.  But still.  Tasty!

Then I steamed squash for dinner, which made the house smell even more pie like.

Then I made these


Ok, not going to lie, I had this mix laying around


So I used it.  But I added a sprinkle of sea salt on top (I love a touch of salt with sweet things!), and a chocolate drizzle.

So it’s Sandra Lee style.  But still, the house now smells like pie AND cookies.

And come on, you gotta admit these babies look good, even if they are from a mix…

DSCN3663So now spill:  what do you make from a mix/box?  I actually do cookies from scratch most of the time, but I always do brownies from a mix.  And honestly, I really like those boxed rices with the seasoning packets.


15 responses to “Who needs Febreze?

  1. I’m gonna agree with you on the boxed rice. Sometimes, I’ll eat just those for dinner. Is that bad? I didn’t think so.

  2. i would want to eat my kitchen too if it smelled like that.

    boxed brownies are the only things i really make from the box. its so simple!

  3. I do mac n’ cheese from a pouch. Ain’t no better way in my opinion

  4. If they made Chocolate Chip Cookie Febreeze, I’d be all over that! I’m a sweet and salty freak too. Hope your interview went awesome!

  5. The butter cake mix is super yummy. So bad, but so good.

  6. Good idea putting sea salt on cookies. I love sweet and salty!

  7. I think Uncle Ben’s 90 second wild brown rice tastes better than any rice I’ve ever made! Those cookies look greatttt

  8. livelaughloveandrun

    Mmm.. I love squash! Those cookies look so good!! I don’t usually make cookies from the box, but I do make them from those refrigerated tubes.. yum!

  9. Those cookies look fab. I love a little chocolate drizzle on almost anything!

    I just don’t buy boxed stuff anymore. When I visit my parents though there’s usually a boxed cookie mix or two calling my name.

  10. those cookies look amazing, whether they came from a mix or not! i totally use the boxed rice mixes with the seasonings, too.

  11. Squash fries and steamed squash? Yum! No wonder your house smelled great. 🙂 I roasted a butternut squash the other night and left the windows…not only did it make the home smell good but you could smell it all the way outside. Yum!

  12. Most of the time, brownies are from a mix but I add different things to them. I do like making my own from scratch, but I don’t always have everything on hand for them.

  13. I make cake, cookies, and brownies from the box, ohhh and mac and cheese ha

  14. YUM! Honestly I’ve never ever made cookies or brownies or cake from scratch–have always been from a mix!
    I’d love to try making something on my own though!

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