Not the prettiest…

Last nights dinner was, not going to lie, not the prettiest meal.

But it makes the fiance a very happy boy, and sometimes I’m nice to him.  Cause otherwise he wouldn’t put up with me trying to feed him food he hates all the time.  (It’s worth trying!  I’ve seen him eat avocado NOT as guacamole twice now!  Baby steps, baby steps)

We had the oh so klassy camping classic (Is it bad that I wanted to write kamping klassic?) of foil dinners

Basically we take all this


Meat, carrots, sweet potatoes, normal potatoes, gravy, spices, and mushrooms and onions for me.

Pile it onto some foil


And bake.

You end up with a big mound of food (I put spinach under mine-I was kinda in love with spinach yesterday-every meal had some!) And it’s magically delicious, even if it aint pretty.


We shared a pineapple Choibani with some Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola on top.  (Apparently even though pumpkin is a no go, pumpkin seeds are fine in the fiance’s book!  Good to know)

DSCN3652(In the background, btw, you can see the fiance’s football pants I talked about this weekend)

I’ve stared at these in the store so many times.  But pineapple seemed like it’d either be awesome or suck really really bad, and I didn’t like the potential for sucking… Good news is that it ended up on the awesome side!

The fiance’s only complaint was that I didn’t put enough granola on top.  Some day, I’m going to bust out measuring cups and teach that boy about serving sizes.  He pouts when I pour cereal, and I’m giving him twice as much as I’d eat.

Then we watched Glee which makes me happy.  Why are there not more tv shows that are also musicals?  Kristin Chenoweth was guest staring…. and I knew I recognized her from somewhere.  Google told me she’d won an Emmy.   Still wasn’t ringing a bell.  Then I figured out SHE IS MS NOODLE!

Let’s not judge if I recognize people more from their time on Sesame Street than their Emmys.  Let’s just not.

And I tried some Optimum Strawberry and Yogurt cereal today, with a banana chopped in

DSCN3656(That mug, btw, is the largest mug ever.  I think it holds like 22 ounces?  Something crazy like that)

Totally yummy.  I think the fact that there’s like 5 different cereals in each box really appeals to me.  There’s puffed Kamut, and flakes, and sticks, and berries…

So who else watches Glee?  I know I’m not the only one.


13 responses to “Not the prettiest…

  1. That meal looks really yummy to me! I love having your veggies, protein, sauce all mushed up together. It’s definitely a guy friendly meal 🙂

    Serving sizes are hard, especially for cereal. I had a math teacher who always complained about the serving sizes on cereal! Guys probably can eat the whole box!

  2. My roommate made me watch Glee 2 weeks ago, and I no longer let him have the remote. I guess it’s just not my kind of TV show

  3. Gosh all i hear about is glee this and glee that. I meant ot watch it and forgot!! i think your dinner looks awesome!

  4. I ❤ Glee. And the girls are watching Sesame Street RIGHT NOW, so I hope Ms. Noodle is on this one.

  5. haha i watched glee last night. there was nothing else on tv. i love musicals and so im drawn to the signing on this show.

  6. I ADORE Glee. It’s definitely one of my favorite new shows!

  7. I’ve heard about it, but haven’t watched it. To be fair, I only gave it about 5 seconds last night before changing the channel, so I’ll have to try to watch it sometime!

  8. I ❤ Kristin Chenoweth! Her love-lorn musical numbers as Olive in Pushing Daisies were hilarious–too bad the show was canceled and had such a sucky, hurried ending. Now I have to watch Glee (praise be to legal posting of full episodes on TV station websites!)

  9. Mounds of food can be really good. We had a mound of stir fry last night…should’ve taken a picture…

  10. i watched part of it last night, but only the end since I forgot it was on. oops!

    I loved her in Pushing Daisies – sad that show is over.

  11. I love Glee! I can’t wait to watch last nights episode…I have become spoiled; I hate “live” tv lol

    Ha our din dins looks similar =)

    ohhhh and I always say “kool beans” K is way better than C ha

  12. foil dinners are the best. you should have made dump cake for dessert!

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