Cuddling my clothes…

I think have the worst curculation ever or something… but I am always cold in the winter.

In college I almost let my boyfriend move in with me, purely for the warmth at night.  And I think he was schizophrenic.  It’s that bad.   The fiance always makes fun of me because after a shower I always climb back into bed and cocon myself in the covers.  But it keeps me warm.

And, not going to lie, I tend to do this:

DSCN3637(the light blue in the bottom corner is me)

Cuddle my clothes.  I hate hate hate putting on clothing that’s cold.  Also, I like my bed.  So this is a win win-I pick out what to wear, and put it under the covers with me till we’re warm.  I actually put them under the covers, and if I’m in a hurry I totally hold them like a teddy bear.  But it works!  So let’s not judge.

This morning before I’d managed to put on real pants I had a knock on my door and found the UPS man!  (I’m pretty sure he was blown away by my slippers/pj pants/sweater/hair held up with a pen look I had going on at 11 am)


What’s in those boxes?


Cereal, granola, and yogurt!

It was like Christmas except without crack oranges satsumas.  (Just wait till those babies come in season-they are what started me calling food crack-I go through a 5 pound box in 3 days.  We get them in our stockings.  Santa loves me.)

The nice people at Nature’s Path and Chobani sent me fantastic things to try (separately, it was just magic that they showed up together!)

My mommy used to send me the Nature’s Path Koala Crisps in care packages when I was in college.  It’s quality.  Because I lack patience I tried one of each!

I put some of the Crunchy Maple Sunrise on top of blueberry Chobani.  (I’m  going to share with the fiance, but I knew he wouldn’t want the blueberry!  🙂 )

The cereal?

It’s a bestie.  It has quinoa in it, which is what prompted me to pick it first.  The quinoa is little tiny balls ,and then there are flakes and puffs and all sorts of things.  I like texture, so this is a winner.

On top of the yogurt

DSCN3627See all those shapes?  It’s like I mixed up cereal, but with less effort!  Win.

I love greek yogurt, but I almost never get flavored.  When I had things to do in my life beyond being a housewife I adored putting yogurt in my lunch because I was too lazy to pack a lunch yogurt is good for me!

My fiance has yet to be won over to Greek yogurt (I know!  What is his deal?!) -we’ll see if flavored works better than plain with honey for him.

Now I’m eating my baby lasagna


(the burned sides are hawt right?  I didn’t cook the veggies before putting them in, so they shrunk when I baked it, leaving the burned-ness) Which is full of broccoli and spinach

How cute is the mug?  I love these-my parents know my tendency to adore little things to put food in and got them for me two years ago as a birthday gift.  They’ve got lids, which means it’s easy to make stuff ahead of time and put it in the fridge, or use them for lunch (they’re microwave safe!), and they hold just the right amount for a meal.  Loves it.

I’m google mapping my job interview… looks like I have to drive near Dave’s Killer Bread for it… If I bring Sin Dawgs, I definitely will get the job, right?


11 responses to “Cuddling my clothes…

  1. I lose circulation in my fingers in the winter very easily. I feel your pain.
    I’m so jealous of your packages. I’m expecting something from Nature’s Path, too, and can’t wait

  2. All of my extremities turn into icicles as soon as the weather turns cold. The running joke at our place is that I need a hat for my nose. I like the clothes cuddling idea!

  3. Sin Dawgs will win over any employer. Highly suggest the bribe, I mean gift!
    I love the nature’s path fairy! Plus very timely considering you just did a post on your cereal 🙂

  4. livelaughloveandrun

    I’m super jealous of your new packages!! I’m always freezing too.. my bf says he’s my personal heater!

  5. So many great packages this morning, that’s awesome!
    I’m ALWAYS cold too. I throw clothes in the dryer just to warm them up quick. There’s nothing like fresh hot sheets too!

  6. I just found your blog, and I LOVE it! Very funny!

    I am looking forward to reading more!

  7. Ha I sleep completely covered at night lol…I make my own little cocoon ha

    wow I am so jealous of all your goodies… enjoy!!

  8. yes, sin dawgs will get you the job 🙂

    I’ve never tried Nature’s Path cereals – I need to look for them. Their flavors sound really good.

  9. you’ll definitely win them over!

    I cuddle my blankets after a shower too. I just need it!

  10. I’m ALWAYS cold as well… thankfully I live in South Florida, but since it is so hot out here, they always overcompensate with the A/C, so the buildings are freezing!
    Your toddler friend is adorable… aren’t they so much fun at that age?

  11. look at all those packages!!! i am one jealous gal over here!

    your food looks fabulous!!!

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