Toddler Time!

Just got home from hanging out with my cousin’s daughter.

We had a busy day!

We baked

DSCN3596We made blueberry muffins.  I asked her what she wanted to make and she picked muffins.  Then I told her we could put fruit or nuts in them.  “with fruits!”

So with fruits it was.  She says blueberries where it kinda sounds like she’s saying boobies.  I might’ve giggled.

DSCN3598When you’re 2, you find it important to add the blueberries one by one.  And eat every other berry.  Ok, when you’re 24 you also need to sneak some of the berries, let’s not lie.

We were too busy eating our muffins for a picture

DSCN3602Apparently dipping muffins in yogurt is awesome if you were wondering.

After some coloring (oh man-snapping the marker caps on the end of the marker while you color?  Coolest trick ever I guess.), Dora watching, and several read throughs of Curious George’s Neighborhood, we had lunch.

I made myself a quesdilla with cheddar and spinach plus homemade salsa

DSCN3610Plus berries and yogurt.

DSCN3609(She had a peanut butter and jelly.  Salted.  And dipped in yogurt.  I’m considering this an improvement over the times she’s had ketchup dipped PB & J)

Then we played with photobooth on my computer (If you have a mac, seriously, best toy ever-kids love it)

Photo 75Then she gathered up seriously every toy she had, to take a nap with her. And I watched 18 kids and counting.  It made me smarter.  And by “smarter” I mean reminded me not to have 18 babies.

She’s getting a baby brother or sister any day now!  I can’t wait for that!


10 responses to “Toddler Time!

  1. She is adorable…and, she may have interesting culinary preferences…but at least it’s a variety.

  2. Aww that’s all so sweet. A PB&J dipped in yogurt? Now she’s giving me ideas, haha

  3. Oh man, how cute is she? Plus she knows the correct way to add blueberries to baked goods. 😉

  4. she is sooooooooooooooooo cute tehehehe.

    I honestly love 18 kids and counting LOL what a crazy life

  5. She is so cute. She looks just like you!

  6. livelaughloveandrun

    She is SO cute! I can’t figure out the obsession kids have with ketchup. My cousin insists on mixing it with his Mac and Cheese. At least she loves fruit!!

  7. well if she isnt just adorable I dont know what is!!

  8. aw, what a fun day! She is so cute

  9. Aw she is just such a cutiepie!

  10. Omg she’s adorable! 🙂

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