It’s fall…

The best part about fall is being able to make dinners in the oven every night.

Browned cheese, is there anything better?


Lasagna (it’s got ground turkey, ground spicy sausage, broccoli, and spinach inside) and salad, and then we hit the gym

DSCN3589After the gym we were feeling snacky, so we made popcorn.  I put a little bit of chocolate on mine

DSCN3591And added some cancer splenda.  The sweet salty combo was soooo good.  The chocolate melted onto the popcorn and made my tummy happy.

(Also-my consumption of Splenda is my retirement fund.  When they realize it gives you lots of cancer, cause fake sugar tends to do that, I am going to sue and be a rich rich lady.  Possibly a rich rich dead lady)

I’m babysitting my cousin’s 2 year old today.  And it’s raining.  So I made sure to get some food in my tummy, so that I can keep up with her

DSCN3594(Oatbran with almond butter, crack pecans, cinnamon and a splash of milk)

And to pack along some distractions.

DSCN3595Her mom has told me that sometimes she sits around their house and thinks for a little bit then looks up and goes “Kalin” pauses, thinks some more, and very seriously, nodding her head “nice.  Nice.”  I’m sure it has nothing to do with my always bringing her crap.  Nothing at all.

She’s apparently so pumped to see me today that last night she started jumping on the bed with excitement.  And then smacked her head! Poor thing-I’m not worth a head injury honey, I’m not.

We’re going to do some baking too!  I’ve baked with a lot of little people, but I think none of them have been under 3, so this’ll be an adventure!

Did you bake when you were little?  One of my earliest cooking memories is I standing on a chair helping my mom make cookies.  And then turning the mixer on full speed and coating the kitchen in flour.


4 responses to “It’s fall…

  1. aw, i wish kids would be that excited to see me. my bf’s niece is only ever excited to see me when I dangle my watch and my glasses in front of her.

    i dont really have memories of baking. bummer. i do have mermories of trying to make pancakes once and decided to DEEP FRY them. let me tell you, burns from oil is NOT FUN!

  2. I don’t think we baked in my house when I was little but I wish we did. Sounds like it will be a good time.
    Milk on top of cooked oats? Never heard of doing that, interesting

  3. I didn’t bake too much …:( for some reason i wasnt interested. i wish i would have been because im sure i’d love it more now, and be much better at it!

  4. I didn’t get to bake until I was like 15 because 1) we don’t have ovens in Singapore and 2) I was under the firm belief that baking is anti-feministic. Haha! Stupid me! Now I LOVE baking.

    Did you say browned cheese? Holy moly that looks GOOD!

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