Speed Demon

So, what does it look like if you’re simultaneously getting ready for a job interview, doing laundry, making lasagna, and cooking lunch

Oh yeah, it looks like my kitchen


(why are there two cartons of eggs?  Because when you’re running around like a crazy person you don’t remember that you got the first carton out)

DSCN3573And, looking at this picture, I just realized the rolling pin is out.  For no reason.  Huh.  Notice there’s a cutting board in the back, and there are unseen pots in the sink.


(now, imagine me in curlers and pjs-at 11:45-in the middle of this)

But I win at life today because 20 minutes later

Lasagna made


Lunch made

DSCN3585(Curry-tastic lentils, one baby red tater, peas, celery, carrots, ‘bazos.)


Photo 61

(Weird how there isn’t a before picture of me right?  Cause pictures of me in rollers on the internet would be hawt).

And, life lessons (besides the lesson of don’t do laundry, make dinner, do your hair, and make lunch at the same time) half a package of lasagna noodles is enough to make a BIG lasagna.  So if you cook that many trying to make a small one you end up with a ton of extra noodles.

So I made some baby lasagnas this afternoon

DSCN3587(The broccoli in the middle of the one on the right is to differentiate my veggie one from the fiance’s meat one)

and I STILL have more noodles!


7 responses to “Speed Demon

  1. Haha, the single piece of broccoli looks so sad hanging out by itself

  2. Hmmmm I hope my husband never sees this because our kitchen always looks like that! Except on Sundays, when I decide to clean up. 🙂

  3. Baby lasagnas! Brilliant! Plus, those would be extra fun to eat. 🙂

  4. Oh so pretty! You and your lasagna. I was married to my hot rollers for about ten years, then the choppage. I couldn’t be the stereotypical housewife in hot rollers 😉

  5. Good idea with the baby lasagna. I should try that!

  6. good job getting everything done! I wish I used rollers, but I’m just too lazy :\

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