Parle a ma main

Things I’ve accomplished since I last blogged:

I won the Blogger Secret Ingredient Challenge over at Healthy San Diego Living!

I made dinner


Chicken, couscous, broccoli, carrots.  Plus of course

DSCN3566Salad.  You can kinda tell in the picture, but in real life those tomatoes are pink.  It’s awesome.  A really pretty redish pink.

And I made breakfast

DSCN3571If eating a Sin Dawg for breakfast is wrong, I don’t wanna be right…

And I made myself a new playlist for the gym!  Up until a few months ago I hadn’t had a gym membership, and I got this laptop right after moving to Portland, so it was lacking on good gym music. I was stuck with a choice of playing everything on random, or listening to the mix I made when I took some children I babysat to the coast.  (Fergie, more Fergie, Soulja Boy, and Spice Girls.  Awesome sometimes, not all the time)

Here’s what I made

Picture 1I have a long standing tradition of starting any mix where it will work with “Mix Tape”.  It includes the line “I’m sick of your tattoos/and the way you don’t appreciate Brand New/or Mae”.  And I had a boyfriend with a horrible tattoo (Hi, don’t get tattoos from some dude when you’re at military school in Texas.  Even I know that), and hated this song.  Which is by Brand New.  And memories of making him mad make me happy… or make me want to run, I’m not sure which.  Anyways, it works.

The best song on there is this one

But seriously, almost all that music has been kickin it in my iTunes since college… Which I graduated from in ’06.  I need some new music.

Any suggestions?  I’ve got a $15 iTunes giftcard, and I feel like I might as well use it…


4 responses to “Parle a ma main

  1. OMG on Saturday I downloaded Brand New’s Your Favorite Weapon and have been listening to it non stop! Ohhh good ol’ 2002. Brand New and Taking Back Sunday got me through some times!

    Honestly, I listen to country more than anything now so unless you’re completely musically schitzo like me, you’d probably not like my suggestions…

  2. The only song on that list I’ve ever heard of is Lollipop by Mika. Oh and Sin Dawg’s seem like a prime breakfast to me which I’m absolutley jealous over

  3. I wish I could help on the music front but I’ve been listening to the same stuff since college, and it also includes a lot of Belle & Sebastian, Beulah, Ted Leo, and New Pornographers. The last things I bought on iTunes were singles by Lady Gaga and Drake because that’s the stuff I like at the gym. Cliched, but effective.

  4. Congrats on the chickpea recipe!

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