We have a problem…

So, this morning we had cereal and yogurt for breakfast.  I pulled out all the open boxes of cereal



We maybe have a few too many.  In my defense I’m pretty sure I only paid for the Crunchy Corn Bran and the Panda Puffs, the rest were free with coupons.  Theres, um, a lot lot more unopened too.

I had a bowl with Corn Flakes, Kashi Go Lean, bananas, cinnamon, and honey nut Cherrios

DSCN3559I’ve been buying whole milk because 90% of the time all my milk goes in is coffee, and whole milk makes it magically delicious and creamy.  But that deters me from having a bowl of cereal most days… I need to figure this out

I also had yogurt, with blueberries, flax, agave, and Crunchy Corn Bran

DSCN3560And then we went to church (which we’ve been failing at getting to, so gold stars for us!) and after mass we had some of these

0927091013-01I’m pretty sure when doughnuts are from Jesus they’re non-fat, right?

Made a salad

DSCN3562Mmmm salad

And squash fries


The fiance tried a couple-I was so proud!  He’s been trying (and saying he doesn’t like…) lots of things lately!  He tried pumpkin pie yesterday too!  I feel like a proud mommy.

We hit up the farmers market, and then went on a walk to visit our house…

Then we went to New Seasons!  Yup, again.  The cookies were still there, and we also found this

0927091521-03Beer tasting!  Deschutes and Rouge wet hop ales ,and then a Sierra Nevada fancy thing (theirs was 10 bucks!)

I love grocery shopping, and I love grocery shopping with alcohol even more.  No joke.

And that picture of my church doughnut is making me hungry now!  Does your church (if you go/went) serve food?  In college they gave out cookies after mass.  Sometimes I just got cookies and skipped mass.  Whoops.

13 responses to “We have a problem…

  1. I’m awful. I eat one serving of cereal or granola and don’t touch the box for months until it’s all stale. Fortunately, the second taste of stale cereal makes me hate the brand and I never buy that box again

  2. That donut and those squash fries are making me drool. Yay for the fiance trying dangerous foods!

    Back in my youthful churchgoing days we’d get cookies and juice once a month after the service. Those were definitely my favorite Sundays – I can taste the generic Oreos now!

  3. The church I went to growing up served donuts. oh man that looks good!

  4. livelaughloveandrun

    We have so many open boxes of cereal. My mom always gets mad because I’ll want to try a new one and then fall in love with it and never eat the old ones. Also, squash fries are delish.. I got the bf and my parents hooked.

  5. that’s so cool you get to taste test beer.

    kudos on getting him to try pumpkin.

  6. Hahaha, I might have more than 5 opened boxes of cereal…and I don’t even eat cereal that often =P I must be tempted by all the pretty boxes!

    I usually have 3 kinds of milk in my fridge (can you tell my cabinet, fridge, and freezer is always packed?). One is vanilla soy milk for my sister, unsweetened soy milk for me (oatmeal), and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze for me again (smoothies).

    At church I had a turkey hot dog (no bun–we ran out!) and a sliver of chocolate cake– it is 2 people’s birthdays this week! Usually the food is a little bit healthier (except for those donut days, hehe)!

  7. April (Foods of April)

    Can you say yum?? Those fries (and that doughnut!) look freakin delicious!

    And I have the same problem with peanut butter.. I have a bit too much!

  8. I love Quaker corn bran, and squash fries, obvi. We had a rule in our house, growing up though, you can’t open a new box until you are done with the old one. I choked down so many nasty bowls of cereal dust I can’t tell you.

  9. We have alot of cereal too! That reminds me..I should get working on that! My church has a luncheon every few weeks 🙂 Delish.

  10. wow – that is a lot of cereal! although, I’m sure we would have A LOT more if we had an actual pantry.

  11. Thats a good problem to have. 🙂

  12. What church do you go to? Been here 8 years and still haven’t found one I like…although I’m not trying hard.
    And that is not nearly as much cereal as I usually have on any given day.
    LovIn wants to meet up soon – vegan pizza?

  13. I am a cereal lover too so I totally understand lol

    Have you ever tried Skim Plus? It is perfect for coffee and cereal =)

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