Dinner last night was redic


And meatastic, so sorry if that’s not your thing.

BBQ pork sandwiches,


baked beans,

DSCN3494(Sidenote:  if you try and look up baked bean recipes you find a lot that start with “take two cans of baked beans…”.  Is it just me, or is that not a recipe?  Unless you’re Sandra Lee)

and coleslaw…


That’s right, I fed the fiance coleslaw!  And he didn’t die. He liked the dressing (vinegar, oil, agave, the Fisherman’s Wharf seasoning, and about 1 t of mayo) which was not all gloopy and gross like a lot of coleslaw.  The cabbage itself I think he could’ve taken or left.  I offered him normal salad, for the record.  He just wanted to eat the beans anyways.

I was lovin’ the suggestions of cornbread with this, but since we had buns, I thought it might be carb overkill… Although I’m badly craving cornbread now!  Do you think you can make cornbread buns?  Or hmm, maybe just put a layer of cornbread over the pork and bake it?  My mind is full of possibilities.  I love cornbread.

The meat was coated in a rub made out of all this


Cumin, chili powder, cinnamon, paprika, and salt

Then wrapped up in foil and baked for a long long time.  I shreded it with a fork, and put the juices from the meat plus BBQ sauce into a pan and heated.  So.  Freakin.  Good.

The cinnamon is key.  It’s just enough to make it amazing, but not actually full on taste like cinnamon.

And I realized I never post this, but I eat these babies like they’re going out of style

DSCN3496What’s your favorite quick sweet treat?


4 responses to “Mouthgasm

  1. YUM i love asian slaw!! My mom makes the BEST, it is light and delicious and so fun to eat in teh summer time…or winter for that matter LOL glad your fiance liked it!

  2. oh and fav quick sweet treat, would HAVE to be bubble gum, I mean the BIGG round ones in the machines at the grocery store…I have always had a thing for them!

  3. a piece of dark chocolate. but GOOD chocolate. it’s heaven everytime!

  4. My favorite quick sweetness is a Newman’s Own Organic breathmint if I’m on the go, or a stevia leaf if I’m in my dorm.

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