I have no idea…

Randomtastic lunch:




and apples.

What’s in the sammie?


Hummus, mozzerella cheese, spinach, tomato, carrot, mustard, avocado.

Weird, yes.  Tasty, yes. I was craving a sandwich, but we didn’t have much as far as sandwich-y things.

Plus, I had bought this cute jar of mustard and I wanted to put it on something


Have I mentioned the fiance hates mustard?  Not dislikes, but hates.  Sauerkraut too.  His buck fifty sausage and soda at costco are decidedly less tasty than mine.

Anyways, I was a little skeptical if the sandwich would taste good, but it did!

Dinner is making our house smell sooo good


What is it?  Baked beans and delicious pork that we’re going to make into BBQ pork sandwiches.

Still need to figure out what else to put with the beans and BBQ pork.  Coleslaw seemed to go, but  the fiance hates coleslaw, and can’t tell me if it’s just the coleslaw dressing or cabbage that he dislikes.  Hmm…. We shall see


3 responses to “I have no idea…

  1. Cornbread!! Baked beans and cornbread go together like peanut butter and jelly, like peppers and onions, like chili and slaw, like warm brownies and ice cream…

    Yup, I’m hungry.

  2. Go with cornbread 🙂

    And that mustard jar is super cute;)

  3. He hates mustard AND coleslaw?! How can you hate mustard?
    I agree about cornbread…but maybe spice it up, put jalapenos and cheese in it!

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