Berry Lovin’

We were lazzzzy last night and got takeout.


Chinese food is fantastic.

DSCN3468Potstickers…. happiness


My favorite part is that while we were eating I noticed the fiance was picking things out of his food, and putting them back in the box.  When I asked he explained that he was ok “with some vegetables, but there’s just too many!”


See?  He didn’t like that I laughed at this.

And fortune cookies!  I love fortune cookies


This morning I thought about how you guys suggested wheatberries in my oats

Good call!  I loved the chewy texture from them!


There were also pecans.  Mmm.

These berries are my new friends.  Happy tummy.

And now I’m working on planning out California trip next month!  The fiance’s sister lives in San Francisco, and his mom lives in Ukiah, so we’re going down through both places next month.  I haven’t been to California in seriously a decade.  I’m excited!

Does anyone have anything I should for sure do in San Francisco?


4 responses to “Berry Lovin’

  1. I’d just do your research before you go. We aimlessly hit the streets of SF looking for good places to eat and were totally overwhelmed!

  2. Chinese takeout sounds amazing–I could go for some Kung Pao Chicken!

  3. I’m a chinese dumpling fanatic. We buy frozen ones from china town to make at home. They’re a lot less doughy but still delicious

  4. Cali trip sounds like fun! I’ve only been once, and wasn’t in San Fran for more than a day, so I have no clue!

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